Virtual and Hybrid Programming

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Founded in 2016 as Scripps College’s signature public events program, Scripps Presents is committed to hosting thought-provoking conversations with emerging and established scholars, writers, performers, and thinkers.

Audiences can enjoy evening and afternoon conversations and performances on Scripps’ campus and venues in the greater Los Angeles area. Scripps Presents programming includes @Noon lunchtime series, featuring new writing, scholarship, and more; and Levitt on the Lawn outdoor concerts.

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At the onset of the pandemic in Spring 2020, Scripps launched a new program that supports alums in their career journeys in this time of great uncertainty. Presented by the Office of Alumnae Engagement and Career Planning & Resources, Career Conversations brings free webinar series to the alumnae community in efforts to support alums in life beyond Scripps College. The program is designed specifically to help alums beyond the ways that exist already – namely the two years of Career Planning & Resources support for graduates. The series returned in fall 2020 with five sessions.

Past Series

Skills and Strategies for a New Virtual Norm - Fall 2020

Alums can watch any of the sessions from the Career Conversations Fall 2020 series by logging into Olive Grove and visiting the Resources section. 

Join former Career Planning & Resources associate director Valinda Lee for tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out for all of the right reasons. Learn how to be intentional and strategic in how you present yourself on the #1 professional social network.  Situations including change of industry, working multiple positions, and common concerns about the profile will be addressed.

Join former Career Planning & Resources associate director Valinda Lee and former director of alumnae engagement Jess Butler ’09 for a deeper dive into utilizing the online networking tools at your disposal. Valinda will cover Linked-In and Jess will talk about Scripps’ new online mentoring and networking platform, Olive Grove.

Master proven strategies that will put anyone in the driver’s seat of their next interview.  Serena Santillanes, professional career counselor and corporate facilitator, has developed seven clear steps to help you know exactly how to get ready for an interview. She has seen these steps quickly build interview confidence and success. Learn not only what you should say, but how you should say it. Also, understand the current virtual interviewing environment and how that has changed the game in what you need to know.
*This is part 1 of a 2-session interview focus. The 2nd session will take place in a separate session and will put these strategies to the test as active participants can engage in real-time practice and preparation.

Alumna and partner at VC Pillar Boston, Sarah Hodges ’03, will lead this workshop on personal brand positioning. Learn how to build a strong personal brand from this alumna expert as you pursue your career goals– it can be one of the greatest tools in your professional arsenal. Position your strengths, technical skills, and unique qualities you bring to your work, so that you can market your personal brand across multiple channels.

In this interactive session, get a chance to put your interview strategies to work by practicing some of the most difficult and commonly used interview questions. Practice is key to going from a good to GREAT interviewee! Whether you want to jump into the “hot seat” and receive facilitator feedback or just watch as others share their best interview stuff, this session promises to offer you real time feedback on how you can up your interview game.

Embracing Uncertainty: Success Strategies for Unprecedented Times - Spring 2020

Spring 2020 brought a new program to support alums in their career journeys: Career Conversations. These virtual sessions led by experienced career counselors from Career Journeys based in Pasadena, CA, provided the opportunity for the alumnae community to explore various topics related to job support and emotional health and well-being. 

Take a deeper look at how to effectively handle stress. In this session, we will focus on building stress tolerance to further access your emotional intelligence, a key tool for successful work and personal presence—especially during these challenging times. You will also learn ways to identify emotional triggers in times of stress and create strategies to effectively manage emotional reactions to maintain a state of calm and clarity.

When challenging times happen, our motivation and hope are challenged. Fear creeps in and creates a type of chaos that can make it difficult to decipher between reality and fear. What does it mean to have hope during this time? Learn how to create a healthy internal and external work-life shield. Career counseling and coaching methods will be engaged while we come together as a community to exercise these muscles.

Stay motivated during this time with career planning. As we’ve heard from so many sources, “Stay safe at home and if you’re looking for something to do…organize your closet and cabinets.” This is also a time to sort through career items that may have been put on the back shelf simply because of a busy schedule or you just would rather do something else! As part of this session, we will use strategies to reorganize what is working well and what could be adjusted in your current work. Lean into and stretch the career assets you have or show them for the first time.

You can view the recording of this webinar in the Resources section in Olive Grove

Has it been a while since you last looked at or thought about your résumé? This session is designed to provide you with tips and tools on how to effectively update your résumé. During today’s difficult times, it is even more critical to make sure you are prepared in case you need to jump back into the job market or put your best foot forward if you are already in it. Participants will learn how to write a skill-focused work experience section that includes accomplishments and incorporates their brand. This session will benefit alumnae at any age or stage in their career!

You can view the recording of this webinar in the Resources section in Olive Grove