Zenaida Reyes-Pacheco, Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Favorite thing about Scripps: In Fall 2019 I attended a CMS Women’s basketball game against Pomona-Pitzer (PP). During the game you really could get a sense of the students’ pride in their campuses, some healthy rivalry between CMS and PP, but also the energy each community offered was contagious, you couldn’t help but chant for your team. It truly is one of my favorite memories at Scripps!

Why a women’s college: Other than being the most empowering environment I’ve worked in, a women’s college is a great opportunity for our community to not feel like they have to fall into societal expectations within their identities. Students are empowered to not let comments like “you’re too ambitious” slow you down because, on our campus, students aren’t “too anything” but are rather leaders who use their passions to make a difference.