Marino Forlino

Associate Professor of Italian

Department: Italian Studies
Office Address: 1030 Columbia Avenue
Office Phone: (909) 607-3077
Marino Forlino

Academic History

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Italian
    Rutgers University, October 2015
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Italian
    Rutgers University, May 2014
  • Diploma in Advanced Arabic Language
    Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes (Tunis, Tunisia), July 2012
  • Diploma in Advanced Arabic Language and Culture
    Tanta University (Tanta, Egypt), August 2011
  • English Language and Literature Teaching Certification
    University of Pisa, SSIS Toscana, (Pisa, Italy), May 2008
  • Laurea Magistrale (B.A.) in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, magna cum laude University of Florence (Florence, Italy), April 2005
  • Graduate Diploma in American Studies
    Smith College, (Northampton, Massachusetts), May 2004

Areas of Expertise

  • Italian literature from the Middle Ages to the Baroque;
  • Giovanni Boccaccio and the history of the Italian short story;
  • Giambattista Basile and the birth of the fairy tale;
  • Linguistic and literary relationships between Italy, Spain, France and the Middle East
  • Foreign Language Teaching

Selected Research and Publications

Book Chapters

  • “A Woodsy Scene:” Sexual Innuendoes and Eroticism in Giambattista Basile’s Toponomastic Exploration of Naples in the Pentamerone. In: Corporeality and Performativity in Baroque Naples. The Body of Naples. Edited by A. Giardino. Lanham, Boulder, New York, London: Lexington Press. Forthcoming.

Articles and Works in Progress

  • “Love triangles in Eastern and Western wor(l)ds: women’s trickery and the tricky case of Decameron VII. 6” (In Progress).
  • “Scapigliatura verista e Verismo scapigliato: Scienza e (in)-coscienza in Fosca e Storia di una Capinera,” Studi sul Settecento e l’Ottocento XII (2012): 163-170.

Book Reviews

  • Soggetti per Artisti. Edited by Paolo Bartesaghi e Pietro Frassica. Pisa-Roma: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2016. Pp. 264, ill. Annali d’Italianistica, Ed. C. Ferrari, O. Pelosi, Dino Cervigni. Vol. XXXV, July 2017: 590-591.
  • Diana Iuele-Colilli and Christine Sansalone, I panni sporchi si lavano in famiglia (Welland, Ontario: Éditions Soleil Publishing Inc., 2008), 58 pp. Reviewed in Altreitalie, September 2010.
  • Diana Iuele-Colilli and Christine Sansalone, Ma che brava gente (Welland, Ontario: Éditions Soleil Publishing Inc., 2009), 74 pp. Reviewed in Altreitalie, September 2010.

Awards and Honors

  • Pre-dissertation Special Study Award, Rutgers University, March 2012
  • Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Scholarship for Arabic Studies in Tunis, Tunisia, May 2012
  • Laggini Memorial Award, Rutgers University, February 2011
  • Joseph Sr. and Clementina Coccia Summer Scholarship, 2009
  • Transliterature Fellowship, Rutgers University, 2008 – 2012


Marino Forlino is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Italian at Scripps College. He received a Laurea Magistrale in Foreign Languages and Literatures (English and German) from the University of Florence, a graduate Diploma in American Studies from Smith College, and an MA and Ph.D. in Italian from Rutgers University. His areas of specialization include Italian literature from the Medieval through the Baroque periods (with a particular focus on Boccaccio and Basile), the history of the Italian short story, and the birth of the fairy tale. He is currently working on a manuscript on the influence of the Arabic prose tradition on Italian literature, focusing on a series of motifs – such as esotericism, eroticism, and exoticism – shared between Boccaccio’s Decameron and Basile’s Pentamerone and the heritage of A Thousand and One Nights.

Courses Taught

  • Italian 01, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2017
  • Italian 123, Renaissance Italian Literature Fall 2016
  • Italian 142, The Decameron: Traduzioni, Tradizioni e Tradimenti, Fall 2017
  • Core 2, The Art of Medicine, Medicine in The Arts, Spring 2017