Ted Bartholomew

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Department: Psychology
Office Address: Steele 116
Office Phone: (909) 607-1846
Personal Website:
Ted Bartholomew

Academic History

Dr. Bartholomew earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Creighton University (2009) and his Master's and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska (2016). He completed a predoctoral internship at the Pennsylvania State University and was employed as an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Counseling Psychology at Purdue University (2016-2019).

Areas of Expertise

My research focuses on psychotherapy processes and mental illness from international, multicultural, and positive psychological lenses as well as methodology in psychological research. I set out to answer questions about what makes psychotherapy work, how culture and social justice play roles in mental health, and how researchers ask questions from diverse methodological stances in community and international contexts. Drawing from the contextual model (Frank & Frank, 1991), much of this work emphasizes cultural agreeability of psychological healing. I rely upon a scientist-practitioner approach to integrating empiricism with clinical work while also being introduced to new cultures in the United States and in Namibia. In accomplishing this work, I employ a variety of methodologies included mixed methods and qualitative designs.

Selected Research and Publications

Bartholomew, T. T, & Brown, J. R. (in press). Entering the ethnographic mind: A grounded theory of using ethnography in psychological research. Qualitative Research in Psychology. Bartholomew, T. T., & Gentz, S. G. (in press). “How can we help you”: Practitioners’ experiences in northern Namibia. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. Bartholomew, T. T., Gundel, B. E., Scheel, M. J., *Kang, E., *Joy, E. E., & *Li, H. (in press). Development and initial validation of the therapists’ hope for clients scale. The Counseling Psychologist. Bartholomew, T. T., Pérez-Rojas, A. E., *Kang, E., & *Joy, E. E. (in press). Refinement and factor structure confirmation of the inventory of therapist work with client assets and strengths (IT-WAS). Counselling Psychology Quarterly. Pérez-Rojas, A. E., Bartholomew, T. T., Lockard, A. J., & González, J. M. (in press). Development and initial validation of the therapist cultural comfort scale. Journal of Counseling Psychology. Bartholomew, T. T., Gundel, B. E., *Li, H., *Joy, E. E., *Kang, E., & Scheel, M. J. (2019). The meaning of therapists’ hope for their clients: A phenomenological study. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 66, 496-507.

Awards and Honors

  • 2019 - Elected Vice President, Society for Cross-Cultural Research
  • 2018 - Elected Treasurer, International Section (Society of Counseling Psychology)
  • 2017 - Leigh Minturn Early Career Cross-Cultural Researcher Award
  • 2016 - Barbara A. Kirk Award, APA Division 17

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