Core Curriculum

core curriculum

A Scripps education begins with the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities, the College’s signature interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Our students say the program is one of their most valuable experiences, calling it “eye-opening” and “mind-expanding.”

The hallmark of a Scripps education, the Core Curriculum is a three-semester interdisciplinary program that provides a common academic experience for all students. All first-year students begin Core I the fall semester of their first year, Core II follows in the spring semester, and Core III is taken the fall semester of their sophomore year. Here is a taste of what you can expect during the series:

Core I

Challenge how you view the world through an examination of communities. Starting with the question, “What is a community?” Core I looks at both large and imagined communities such as modern nation-states and religious groups, and smaller, more intimate groups we regularly label as “community.”

Core II

Continue with a sharper focus—and through a variety of course offerings—the interdisciplinary investigations begun in Core I. Core II courses are taught by a professor with interdisciplinary research interests and may be team-taught by faculty whose research interests make for fresh dialogue.

Core III

Engage in innovative and collaborative projects with Core III students, and dive into individualized, self-directed research with your professor in this small, seminar-style course. The work you complete in Core III culminates in a self-designed project where you delve into a particular topic of your interest.