Inclusive Student Success

Scripps students reflect an ever-expanding range of identities, experiences, and backgrounds. We must not only embrace those differences, but enlarge the Scripps experience so that it represents all identities, amplifies each voice, and imbues every member of our community with confidence, courage, and hope.

We will position every student to realize the full benefits of the Scripps education—one that integrates academic pursuits with social, personal, and pre-professional opportunities. Our graduates will have the knowledge, skills, and character to make a better world.

Current Initiatives

Presidential Scholarship

Delivering on the Scripps invitation to success and achievement by enabling all students to fully participate in the Scripps experience regardless of financial resources.

IDEA 2.0

Build a stronger, more inclusive community in which members understand, appreciate, and learn from each other’s differences of identity, experience, and access to resources. IDEA 2.0 will cultivate a greater sense of belonging and enable our students to build more diverse, accessible, equitable communities in their lives after graduation.

Advising 360

Build a robust team that integrates academic and other forms of advising to help students navigate the entirety of their experience.

Bridge to Community

Redesign the ways we introduce new students to the Scripps community by better emphasizing the joys and responsibilities of the strong relationships possible at Scripps.

Theme Team

  • Co-chairs
  • Jennifer Groscup, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Charlotte Johnson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

  • Faculty Representatives
  • Myriam J.A. Chancy, Hartley Burr Alexander Chair in the Humanities
  • Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Kevin Williamson, Assistant Professor of Dance

  • Staff/Student Representatives
  • Daniela Canas Baena '16, formerly Assistant Director of Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment
  • Mikaela Gallardo '19
  • Neva Barker, Director of Study Abroad and Global Education
  • Barbara Ko ’18