Distinctive Identity

We will celebrate the distinctive attributes of the Scripps experience—the College’s rigorous and collaborative educational program, its intimate, supportive, and close-knit community, and its beauty and serenity—by defining a shared narrative that elevates the Scripps story.

This shared narrative will inspire individuals in a growing and thriving Scripps community to take pride in their connection to the College. It will bring us all closer together, inspire dignity, broaden our community of support, and strengthen the Scripps promise of a transformative academic and personal experience.

Current Initiatives

Maximize Campus

Create a comprehensive business plan to identify mission-aligned partners who will help us achieve our goals in terms of revenue generation, reach, and reputation with audiences who share our values. Scripps will become a destination campus where discovery, community, and creativity coexist every day.

Institutional Culture

Empower all members of our community to own Scripps’ legacy and become personally invested in the College’s reputation. Strengthen the bonds between the College and its constituents to expand our community of enthusiastic ambassadors and benefactors.

Theme Team

  • Co-chairs
  • Nathalie Rachlin, Professor of French Studies
  • Binti Harvey, Vice President for External Relations and Institutional Advancement

  • Faculty Representatives
  • Mary Hatcher-Skeers, Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Chair in Natural Sciences, Professor of Chemistry
  • Nancy Macko, Mary W. Johnson Professorship in Teaching, Professor of Art

  • Staff/Student Representatives
  • Jennifer Berklas, Assistant Vice President, Human Capital & Risk Management
  • Jess Butler ’09, Director of Alumnae Engagement
  • Lyanne Dominguez ’13, Assistant Director of Admission
  • Julia Kelly ’21