Student Affairs

Office Hours

Monday-Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Offices are closed on observed holidays.


The Dean of Students Office and Student Affairs encompasses all of co-curricular campus life—through acts of compassion, wisdom, integrity, professionalism and respect—works as a team to systematically create an educational and inclusive community that fosters the development of students as well-balanced leaders, scholars and engaged citizens.

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Staff Members

Charlotte Johnson
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
(909) 621-8277

Adriana di Bartolo, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
(909) 621-8277

Rima Shah
Director of EmPOWER Center
(909) 607-2689

Jenn Wells
Assistant Dean and Director of SCORE
(909) 607-8869

Maritza Arreola
Assistant Director, SCORE
(909) 607-1564

Lisette De La Trinidad
Health & Wellness Coordinator
(909) 607-8803

Marquisha Frost, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Academic Resources and Services
(909) 607-1391

Deborah Gisvold
Assistant Dean, Director of Tiernan Field House
(909) 607-8810

Kimberly Hamon
Area Coordinator for Residential Life
(909) 607-8179

Simone Hicks, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean/Director of Case Management and Deputy Title IX Coordinator (focusing on student support)
(909) 607-8177

MyLinh Hoang
Residential Services Coordinator
(909) 607-9931

Brenda Ice
Assistant Dean and Director Campus Life
(909) 607-3354

Erica Little
Area Coordinator for Residential Life
(909) 607-6214

Lauren Lockwood
OVW Grant Project Coordinator of EmPOWER Center
(909) 607-0933

Brighitte Preciado
Assistant Director of Student Engagement
(909) 607-7828

Anabel Reyes
Administrative Coordinator
(909) 621-8277

Christina Rivera
Assistant to the Vice President for Dean of Students
(909) 607-8287

Kelly Snyder
Campus Life Administrative Coordinator
(909) 607-4307

Bianca Vinci
Student Disability Support Services Coordinator
(909) 607-4410

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