Office of Information Technology

The Scripps College Office of Information Technology (IT) is the answer to your technical related questions whether you’re a student looking for information about connecting your computer to the campus network, a staff member in need of some assistance, or a faculty member interested in workshops about the latest programs.


Jeffrey Sessler
Director of Information Technology
(909) 607-1225

Dorienne Brewster
Network Support Specialist
(909) 621-8253

Candice Cetrone
Software Support Technician
(909) 621-8250

Karmel Clark-Hoff
Manager, User Support Services
(909) 607-4227

Allan Cooper
User Support Specialist
(909) 607-9057

Thomas Deligio
Manager of Technical Services
(909) 607-0761

Terri King-Washington
Senior Programmer/Analyst
(909) 621-8257

Soon Lim
Manager, Senior Systems Analyst
(909) 607-1230

Christine Olbrich
Administrative Assistant
(909) 607-3406

Zailyn Tamayo
Residential Networking / User Support Specialist
(909) 607-7428

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