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“You’ve probably heard it before, but the key to everything is networking,” says Ann Mayhew ‘13, an English major who landed a job at a major bookseller soon after graduating.

Added: July 30, 2014

Who Watches the Watchers?

Rachel Fidler’s senior thesis documents those who create "living histories" for Holocaust memorials in Los Angeles and Nassau County, New York.

Added: July 28, 2014

Scripps and the Global Citizen

Scripps College gave me the gift of seeing the world. And from that experience, I learned that all the world's children are our children, and we cannot say we are busy.

Added: July 16, 2014

Health Conscious

"My Scripps College education gave me two crucial assets that have driven my life since graduation," says Lindsay Seligman '06. "The ability to question what is and envision what could be."

Added: July 15, 2014

The Right Note

Micah Schub has a bachelor of music from Juilliard and has played with orchestras around the world. But now he's set his sights on something different - medicine - and the Scripps Postbac Program is helping him achieve this dream.

Added: June 13, 2014

Take a Joke

Julia Comnes '16, Teresa Iker '14, Christie Kweon '15, and Ellie McElvain '14 discuss their work with Golden Antlers, a satire publication hitting funny bones all across The Claremont Colleges

Added: June 13, 2014

Rose DuCharme ‘14: Promoting Cultural Exchange

Rose DuCharme ‘14 is excited about promoting cultural exchange — and she’s doing just that as a 2014 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant recipient. The fellowship gives DuCharme the opportunity to teach English and volunteer in Luxembourg, set up an exchange with her hometown, and explore the literature of her adoptive country.

Added: May 14, 2014

Stacy Wheeler ’13: Challenging Conceptions of Agency

Stacy Wheeler's international and multilingual interests are getting an amazing workout! As a recent Fulbright Fellowship recipient, the 2013 Scripps College graduate will soon leave her English teaching post in southern France to live in rural Morocco conducting interviews in Arabic with local women and NGOs about their participation in land rights protests.

Added: May 14, 2014

Rose Cooper-Finger ’14: Studying Cultures through Language

Rose Cooper-Finger '14 is quadrilingual: she speaks fluent English, French, German, and Spanish. And she's used those skills extensively while at Scripps College – working toward a linguistics and cognitive science and foreign languages dual major, conducting summer research in the Basque region, and participating in off-campus study experiences in France and Germany.

Added: May 14, 2014

Paloma Medina ’14 : Becoming a Woman of Science

Paloma Medina '14 has always held an interest in science, but during her first year as a Scripps student she wasn't sure she would pursue it as a career. Something clicked during her organic chemistry class, however, and now four years later she's graduating with a degree in biology and preparing for a yearlong research opportunity supported by a Fulbright fellowship to work with the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tubingen, Germany.

Added: May 14, 2014