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Meet Scripps College’s Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Finalists

We are pleased to announce that the Watson Fellowship Selection Committee has named three Scripps seniors who will present their proposals to the Watson Foundation either before or after winter break, though no date has yet been determined. Students from the Class of 2015 submitted a wide range of impressive applications, making this year’s selection highly competitive.

Added: October 27, 2014

To Teach Deliberately: English Professor Thomas Koenigs Joins the Scripps Community

The English department’s latest addition hopes to instill a love of American literature in his students, while completing a project of his own. “Everyone here has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome,” says Thomas Koenigs, who recently joined Scripps as an assistant professor in the College’s English Department. Aside from a change in weather, he says the transition from the East Coast has been smooth overall, and support from administrators, fellow faculty members, and students alike have helped make it so.

Added: October 23, 2014

2014 Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow Dr. A. Lee Fritschler: The Future of Higher Education

Scripps students have seen the future of higher education—and are curious about its changes. Dr. A. Lee Fritschler, Professor Emeritus at the School of Public Policy at George Mason University, former Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education under President Clinton, and the 2014 Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, engaged with students and the greater Claremont Colleges community in a weeklong series of discussions, classroom visits, and presentations about the future of higher education.

Added: October 20, 2014

Hollywood in Claremont: Choral Students Participate in Music Video

Because of its relatively close proximity to Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Scripps College students often have the opportunity to work with industry professionals from all walks of life. And sometimes, when the stars align, the entertainment industry comes to Claremont. Such was the case on September 23 when singer-songwriter Kina Grannis came to The Claremont Colleges.

Added: October 18, 2014

I AM THAT GIRL: Scripps College

"I AM THAT GIRL: Scripps College is the local chapter of a worldwide movement that aims to inspire women by encouraging them to embrace who they are and by advocating in favor of healthy media content for and by women. Our campus chapter is a space for collaboration, conversation and creation. We meet weekly to talk about life. We also host events that promote media literacy."

Added: October 17, 2014

First-Person Accounts: African Americans During the Civil War Offer Valuable Historical Insights

When Professor of History and Africana Studies Rita Roberts accepts invitations from civic organizations to speak about such pivotal moments in U.S. history as the Civil War, she often reads letters written by African Americans from that era because she has found audiences more readily relate to first-person narratives. Reading these powerful stories spurred her to write a book about them.

Added: October 16, 2014

Scripps College Alumnae Supporting Women in the Sciences

Good news: almost 60 percent of all biology degrees (bachelor's, master's, and doctorates) are earned by women. But there's a downside to this incredible statistic: work-life imbalance, a lack of female role models and mentors, and a scarcity of tenure-track positions in the sciences are causing these educated women to consider other possibilities. Fortunately, two Scripps College alumnae are working to curb this trend.

Added: October 9, 2014

Scripps College: A Musical Oasis

Music has been part of the traditional liberal arts education since the 6th century. At Scripps, music is embraced beyond its role in the curriculum. It is a defining characteristic of community life and a significant aspect of Scripps’ presence in the Southern California region.

Added: October 6, 2014

One Week, Endless Possibilities

A life beyond Scripps College may be difficult to think about, but it's the Career Planning & Resources center's mission to ensure the transition to the real world is not.

Added: October 3, 2014

Citizen’s Power

Tia Ho's recent experience with the European Union Center of California highlights the unique relationship between Scripps College and a global superpower.

Added: September 25, 2014