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Women in Entertainment: Madison Pathe ’13

It takes confidence to work in the entertainment industry. But working on one of the most popular reality shows on television? That takes something extra.

Added: March 25, 2015

Music in the Making

Ellen Pelos ’16 investigates the world of 19th-century women composers – and culminates the research with a campus recital.

Added: March 23, 2015

Ready for Primetime Players

Claremont Colleges TV offers Scripps College students the chance to experiment with and create whatever kind of media they like, whether it’s news, editorials, or a trip on the Spacecouch.

Added: March 18, 2015

Career Planning and Resources

From first to final day at Scripps College, the Career Planning & Resource (CP&R) Center helps students succeed with one of their most important transitions – the one from undergraduate life to life after Scripps.

Added: March 17, 2015

A Scripps Student at NASA

As part of NASA’s earth sciences research intern program Taia Wu ‘15 and other interns are up at five a.m. in the Palmdale, California, flight research center, where they board a hollowed-out Boeing plane filled with scientific instruments and scattered seating, and take off.

Added: March 12, 2015

Women in Entertainment: Edie Adams ’14

Although Edie Adams ’14 has always had a passion for music, she assumed she’d be doing something related to her major in Hispanic studies after graduation from Scripps College. Then Terrorbird Media came calling.

Added: March 9, 2015

How One Patient Changed My Career Path

It happened so quickly, but I will never forget it. In that moment with the patient holding the intensivist’s hand, showing honest gratitude, and expressing so many words despite the communication barriers, I wanted to be the doctor that helped her.

Added: March 6, 2015

Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence

AISS is a cutting-edge, yearlong course designed to combine and integrate all of the principles students would otherwise learn in separate, semester-long introductory courses to biology, chemistry, and physics.

Added: March 5, 2015

New Home, New Skills

I thought it would be easier than it was, but with coworkers and friends I felt at home in Seattle. I became immersed in a new liberal, forward thinking community while living in the heart of the city.

Added: February 27, 2015

Science, to Go

Due to the rigors of their degree, many science majors find it difficult to study abroad while undergraduates. For Amanda McQuade ’16, however, drive and the AISS program made it – and directed research in Belgium – a foregone conclusion.

Added: February 23, 2015