Marisa Mendoza '12

Marisa Mendoza

Location: Illinois
Major(s) and Minor(s): History major; Hispanic Studies minor
Thesis title and/or topic/description: “Canciones del Movimiento Chicano/Songs of the Chicano Movement: The Impact of Musical Traditions on the 1960s Chicano Movement”

What have you done since graduation?

Since graduation, I have spent time exploring various fields of work. In July of 2012, I accepted a job position as a Development Assistant at Foothill Family Service, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making mental health services accessible to low income communities within the city of Pasadena and greater Los Angeles. I learned an immense amount about the art of fundraising and the inner workings of securing the necessary funds to support and operate a social justice nonprofit organization. In June 2013, I left Foothill Family Service and am currently working for the Schuler Scholar Program, a college access program, as a Scholar Coach in Waukegan, IL. I have had the opportunity with Schuler to nourish and develop one-on-one relationships with students through individual reading sessions and after school workshops ranging from academic skills needed for students to successfully transition to high school and college, public speaking, and exposures (educative field trips). My experience working with youth at Schuler has further developed my passion for education equality and prompted me to explore how I can support and cultivate an environment for students to attain college access and succeed through counseling and emotional support.

How do you think majoring in history or taking history classes has mattered to you?

Taking history courses and majoring in history has established for me a strong foundation of critical thinking skills that I have been able to apply to many aspects of life and work post graduation from Scripps. I have come to approach every dinner table topic, work-related issue, life situation or individual I encounter with the understanding that there is a story that exists and waiting to be told. I feel my past experience taking history courses has shown me the importance in acknowledging that there is always a story that exists, but that there are also various forces that have contributed to the construction of this story and it is our responsibility to reveal all its aspects in order to fully tell the story.

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