November 3, 2014

Laura Nolan

“My background in history enables me to have a critical lens to understanding the world around me, and better support my students as they think critically and envision new possibilities.”

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September 16, 2014

Sharon Suri

“I think that my respect and understanding of historical context and complex systems is invaluable to the work I do.”

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July 14, 2014

Sarah Young

“Majoring in history has given me a greater understanding of the world around me and an appreciation for multiple (often conflicting) perspectives.”

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Sarah Woodman

“My history degree has enabled me to do history as both a job and a love.”

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Mandi Cederlund Horwitz

“My history major was very significant for me and I use my knowledge and skills gained through my history major daily in the classroom.”

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Kristen Burkholder

“Learning to be a historian also taught me to take the long view of most things in life, to think about the consequences of, for example, social policy.”

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May 29, 2014

Camille (Green) Wilder

“I was already a feminist when I went to college—being a history major gave me a framework for a more complex understanding of race, class and colonial issues.”

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Sarah Harris

“I think history classes were a fantastic preparation for the academic rigors of law school, and proved valuable in everyday situations (conversations at cocktail parties and with clients, as well as understanding global current events).”

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Cassandra Johnson

“Majoring in history refined my reading, critical thinking and writing skills that I have been able to apply to all facets of my life. And of course it prepared me for the rigors of teaching all history genres in high school.”

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Ann (Scott) Messana

“It was a very challenging major, particularly in developing my critical thinking and writing skills.”

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Linda Bassett Puertas

“Majoring in history helped me develop the analytical, research, and writing skills required to be a successful attorney. Additionally, studying American history gave me a deeper understanding of American Constitutional Law and continues to influence how I think about the law, its purposes and its effectiveness is solving inequalities.”

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Kelly Feinstein-Johnson

“Being a history major cultivated a deep interest in how human beings respond to their world in different places and times. This curiosity eventually prompted me to return to graduate school and pursue a PhD.”

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April 14, 2014

Jessica Butler

“Having experience in history has been invaluable for both my research and writing skills, as well as my experience as a student and a teacher.”

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Katie Galli Holden

“(Being a History major) continues to serve me as a mother, as I’ve been able to draw on parenting tactics from many cultures and as I seek to raise my daughter with a knowledge of the world around her.”

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Jessica Christian

“I was very prepared and comfortable discussing the readings in classes, thanks to Scripps and the Claremont Colleges!”

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Zeenat Hassan

“Majoring in history was a big help in law school…I had a lot of insight into how and why our legal system came to look the way it does now”

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Dayle-ann Lee-Roche

“Even in my current field of practice (therapy), knowing the history of people’s cultures, countries of origin, etc. helps me understand my clients and their families and informs how I help them develop appropriate interventions”

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Lynn Charles

“Studying history at the Claremont Collages taught me to how to think and learn, develop a theory/thesis/argument and defend it with evidence, and, most importantly, write well.”

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