Amy Hilman '11

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Major(s) and Minor(s): History and Jewish Studies dual major
Thesis title and/or topic/description: “Land, Labor, and Force: The Essential Questions of the Zionist movement”

What have you done since graduation?

I moved to Israel and enlisted to the Israel Defense Forces in November 2011, where I served as a non-commissioned liaison officer on the Egyptian border for two years. I was released from the army in November 2013 and began working at a resource development and strategy company for non-profit organizations in Israel. Our clients are organizations that address social justice issues including but not limited to developing and educating about renewable energy, coexistence organizations between Jews and Arabs (both in Israel as well as cross-border initiatives as well), and promoting women’s rights and legislation in Israel.

How do you think majoring in history or taking history classes has mattered to you?

Immensely! To begin with, I employ the writing skills that I developed at Scripps every day! In addition, the ability to research, synthesize, and think critically and out of the box are invaluable tools for writing a successful grant. Furthermore, often in my work, I will provide a need analysis/historical background to the problem the NGO/project we are requesting funding for seeks to address, in which case my history background is very relevant.

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