Hispanic Studies

Over 300 million people in the world speak Spanish! Beginning or continuing your study of Spanish at Scripps will put you in touch with vibrant cultures, fascinating literature, and Spanish-speaking people in your community and abroad.

The Hispanic Studies Major offers students the possibility of a concentration on Peninsular (Spain) or Latin American Literature, and Peninsular Studies (literature, politics. economics, art, history, etc.) Related majors of interest to students of Spanish are Latin American Studies and Chicano Studies.

Lower Division Curriculum

The Department offers a placement test in order to determine the student’s level. Students who have never studied Spanish must enroll in Spanish 1.

Spanish 1, 22, and 33 teach students the fundamentals of the Spanish language through the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Several more courses lead to the mastering of the language: Spanish 44, Advanced Spanish, Readings in Literature and Civilization, and Spanish 70, Advanced Spanish for Sciences Students, presenting medical and scientific vocabulary, and discussing and researching topics on scientific literature.

Spanish for Bilinguals

Those students who can understand and speak Spanish because they belong to a Spanish-speaking family, or because they have been exposed to a situation where they acquired a practical use of Spanish, but who lack formal instruction in the language, are encouraged to take Spanish for Bilinguals (Spanish 65). This course offers students an intensive overview of grammar. Students will learn effective written and oral expression, and will read and discuss selected texts dealing with Latin American and Chicano/a topics and problems.

Studying Abroad

Study abroad is required to complete the major. Students may choose programs in Spain (Madrid, Seville, Granada) and Latin America (Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico.) On campus students have the opportunity to live in the Spanish Corridor, which is directed by the Spanish Language Resident.

After four semesters of college Spanish, Scripps students may choose to study in a Spanish-speaking country for either a semester or a year. Most students study in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Ecuador. You can discuss study abroad options with any Hispanic Studies professor or with Neva Barker, the Director of Off-Campus Study.

Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Spanish Honor Society that recognizes excellence in the study of Spanish. You do not need to be a Spanish major. The requirements for admission to Epsilon Zeta, the Claremont Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi are:

  • Nomination by a faculty member
  • Completion of 3 semesters of college work with a GPA of 10.0 or above
  • Completion of at least 2 upper division Spanish courses
  • A grade point average of 10.0 in all Spanish courses

A ceremony of initiation of new members is held each semester. Please contact the chapter advisor, Professor Jennifer Wood, for more information.

Scripps Faculty

Rita Cano Alcala
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Chicana/o Studies

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Gustavo Buenrostro
Visiting Assistant Professor

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Cesar G. Lopez
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

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Alvaro Molina
Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

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Marina Perez de Mendiola
Professor of Hispanic Studies

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Carmen Sanjuan-Pastor
Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

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Jennifer Wood
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Director, Foreign Languages Laboratory

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