French Studies

All students wishing to enroll in French language courses must take the Language Placement Test. Only those students who have had no more than one semester of high school French are exempt from taking this examination and may enroll in French 1 (Introductory French).

Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill the language requirement in an uninterrupted sequence. In all cases, however, the language requirement must be completed by the end of the first semester of the senior year.

Study Abroad in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Senegal, Madagascar, or Mali

Study Abroad is considered an integral part of the French Studies curriculum at Scripps, and all students of French are strongly encouraged to complement their Claremont curriculum with a semester or year stay in France, Senegal, Mali, or Madagascar. All coursework completed in France satisfies the requirements for the major or minor in French Studies, except for most language courses.We will accept only one studio art course as well. Students must also complete at least French 44 prior to going abroad. We strongly recommend however, that students also take French 100, which prepares them more fully for the French experience. It is also strongly recommended that students intending to go abroad take a French course every semester prior to leaving, regardless of their incoming level. Thus, first-year students entering the French curriculum at the 44 level will have completed all major/minor requirements upon their return.

Currently, students may study abroad on the following approved programs:

  • Paris (year-long): Hamilton College Program
  • Paris (semester or year): Middlebury College Program
  • Paris (semester): Sarah Lawrence College Program
  • Aix-en-Provence (semester/year): American University Center of Provence
  • Nantes (semester/year): Institute for International Education of Students (I.E.S.)
  • Madagascar (semester/year): Programs in Antananarivo (Culture) and Fort Dauphin (Ecology) through School for International Training (SIT, Brattleboro, VT)
  • Mali (semester): School for International Training: Gender Health and Development (SIT, Brattleboro, VT)
  • Senegal (semester): School for International Training (SIT, Brattleboro, VT)

Co-Curricular Activities

Scripps has a French Corridor where students speak French with the residing native French assistant and with each other. The members of the corridor form the core of the French Club, which organizes activities for French students throughout the year. Any student of The Claremont Colleges is welcome to join the French Club by signing up with the French assistant. In addition, weekly French language tables meet in the Malott Commons (SC), Collins (CMC), and Hoch (HMC), and weekly films are shown.

Scripps Faculty

Thierry Boucquey
Professor of French

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Eric T. Haskell
Professor of French and Humanities
Director, Clark Humanities Museum

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Dalton Krauss
Professor of French

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France Lemoine
Assistant Professor of French

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Claire Nettleton
Visiting Assistant Professor

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Nathalie Rachlin
Professor of French

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