2012 Senior Award Recipients

Greek Letter Awards

Phi Beta Kappa

Leila Al-Hamoodah, Julia Behnen , Marissa Dannaway, Emery Hilles, Xingyao Hong, Rachel King, Mirabelle Korn, Megan Lewis, Rebecca Marion, Kathleen Mautner, Allison Midden, Shailini Pandya, Laura Passarelli, Alexandra Pincus, Maya Pisciotto, Jennifer Plumlee, Zoe Ravich, Leah Rosenbaum, Katya Shackelford, Sarah Stringer, Jenna Tico, Sara Townsend, Eva Valenti, Jennie Waldow

Sigma Delta Pi

Denise Bustamante, Claire Calderón, Nadia Danilovich, Margaret Dickman, Kelsey Figone, Kelly Garton, Michelle Gloster, Abigail Jones, Stephanie Lester, Olivia Lopes, Hillary Matthews, Kathleen Mautner, Melissa Mesinas, Allison Midden, Emily O'Brien, Natalie Parks, Isabella Pereira, Lillian Reid, Elissa Ronquillo, Lauren Shaib, Eva Valenti

Sigma Xi

Evan Friedenberg, Sydney Goings, Alexandra Pincus, Karin Weston

Psi Chi

Marissa Dannaway, Allison Midden, Felicia Palmer, Shailini Pandya, Zoe Ravich, Sarah Stringer, Maggie Tietz, Danielle Tucci

Theta Alpha Kappa

Kimberly Anderson, Catherine Ballard, Brenna Donnelly, Rebecca King

Phi Alpha Theta

Marissa Mendoza

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Natalie Parks, Sara Popovich

Latin Honors

Summa Cum Laude

Leila Al-Hamoodah, Julia Behnen, Mirabelle Korn, Megan Lewis, Alexandra Pincus, Maya Pisciotto, Zoe Ravich, Sarah Stringer, Jenna Tico, Sara Townsend

Magna Cum Laude

Kimberly Anderson, Hannah Bradley, Natalie Butterfield, Emily Chesbrough, Amanda Clemm, Nadia Danilovich, Marissa Dannaway, Kelsey Figone, Emery Hilles, Xingyao Hong, Tessa Jacobs, Rachel King, Andrea Kozak, Rebecca Marion, Kathleen Mautner, Allison Midden, Shayna Orent, Shailini Pandya, Jennifer Plumlee, Julia Rigby, Leah Rosenbaum, Katya Shackelford, Catherine Sweatt, Maggie Tietz, Danielle Tucci, Eva Valenti, Jennie Waldow, Karin Weston

Cum Laude

LeeAnn Allen, Adrienne Beitcher, Julia Berryman, Ariel Bloomer, Kelly Boyd, Lily Burgess, Claire Calderon, Neha Deshmukh, Robin Dubin, Marissa Enfield, Adriana Esquivel, Lillian Estenson, Meghann Farrell, McKenzie Floyd, Michelle Gloster, Sydney Goings, Jody Goldberg, Kathline Gomes, Mary Griffith, Katharine Hutchins, Corey Jay, Stephanie Jimenez, Abigail Jones, Lisa Kau, Mine Kawamura, Carmen Lam, Stephanie Lester, Audrey Lieberworth, Emily Linehan, Olivia Lopes, Elizabeth Lyon, Margaret Matlock, Hillary Matthews, Marisa Mendoza, Melissa Mesinas, Tori Mirsadjadi, Leah Mortensen, Miranda Murray, Mihye No, Emily O'Brien, Alice Opalka, Deborah Ortiz, Natalie Parks, Laura Passarelli, Isabella Pereira, Allison Perry, Kristen Piepgrass, Kate Pluth, Mari Poturica, Gina Rapaport, Hallie Richards, Tasha Russman, Alexandrea Santariano, Stefanie Saperstein, Julia Scheibmeir, Emma Scheidt, Callie Sendek, Yasamin Soltanianzadeh, Kristina Stanford, Shengwei Sun, Alexandra Talleur, Lia Tamminen, Jennifer Tave, Berenice Villela, Jhenna Voorhis, Melanie Williams, Jennifer Wong, Carolyn Yarbrough, Tiffany Yau

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Fulbright Fellows

Julia Berryman, English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia

Ariel Bloomer, English Teaching Assistantship in Bulgaria

Anna Cho, English Teaching Assistantship in Korea

Kelsey Figone, English Teaching Assistantship in Indonesia

Michelle Gloster, English Teaching Assistantship in Thailand

Stephanie Jimenez, English Teaching Assistantship in Colombia

Katherine Lesyna, Public Health Research in Tanzania

Olivia Lopes, English Teaching Assistantship in Rwanda

Melissa Mesinas, English Teaching Assistantship in Peru

Hallie Richards, English Teaching Assistantship in Bangladesh

Sara Townsend, English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia

Eva Valenti, Linguistics Research in Canada

Alumnae Athletic Award

Jennifer Tavé

Annual Alumnae Award

Claire Calderón, Berenice Villela

Anthropology Senior Thesis Award

Lia Tamminen, We are all about collaboration. That's who we are: The key importance of collaboration in a dual language immersion education program

Art Department Innovation Award

Tiffany Yau, Asterisms, 2012

Barbara McClintock Science Award

Alexandra Pincus, Sequence Context and Methylation Dependence of the Conformation and Binding Affinity of the Cre Sequence

Megan Swim, Investigating the Impact of a Selfish B Chromosome on Nuclear Dynamics in Nasonia Vitripennis

Chicana/o-Latina/o Senior Thesis Award

Adriana Esquivel, Language Brokering a Dynamic Phenomenon: A Qualitative Study Examining the Experiences of Latina/o Language Brokers

Edith Potter German Award

Andrea Kozak, Incarceration and Ideology

Edward A. White Award in American Studies

Caroline Daly, Collective Memory, Commemoration & Ways of Remembering Little Rock: 50 Years After the Integration Crisis at Central High School

Jennifer Plumlee, Televising Memory: The Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

English Senior Thesis Award

Hillary Matthews, When he put the pistol in my hand I didn't: Homoeroticism and Gender Performance in Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury Absalom, Absalom!

Margaret Siler Faust Psychology Senior Thesis Award

Zoe Ravich, An ERP Study of Responses to Emotional Facial Expressions: Morphing Effects on Early-Latency Valence Processing

Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Scholarship

Jennie Waldow, No More Boring Art: Humorous Critique in the Work of John Baldessari, 1966-1974

Gender and Women's Studies Award

Claire Calderón, Vital and Unseen: An Investigation of the Role and Experience of Service Staff at Scripps College

Gladys Pattison Music Award

Karin Weston

Hispanic Studies Senior Thesis Award

Michelle Gloster, La comercializacion del turismo étnico en Guatemala y Marruecos

History Senior Thesis Award

Marisa Mendoza, Canciones del Movimiento Chicano/Songs of the Chicano Movement: The Impact of Musical Traditions on the 1960s Chicano Movement

Kathleen Wicker Religious Studies Senior Thesis Award

Kimberly Anderson, Other Imagination: Metaphysics-Poetry-Social Work

Latin American Studies Senior Thesis Award

Julia Scheibmeir, Film, Fashion and Fotografia: The Exoticism and Eroticism of Female Victims in Juarez

Lind Family Prize in Mathematics

Amanda Clemm, Generalized Sato-Tate Conjecture

Lois Langland Psychology Award

Marissa Dannaway, When Do Women Confront Sexist Comments? The Role of Level of Sexism, Ethnic Identity, Feminist Activist Orientation, and Self-Silencing

Lucia Suffel Crafts Award

Katherine Hegarty, White, Black and Blood, 2012

Asia Morris, Being, No. 1 thru 3, 2012

Marguerite Pearson Drama Award

Kym Louie (HMC)

Merle Woo Senior Project Prize in Asian American Studies

Emily Bluck, Mapping Community Mindscapes: Visualizing Social Autobiography as Political Transformation and Mobilization

Noëlle and Veronique Boucquey Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award

Kelly Garton

Payton Watkins '09 Media Studies Award

Katherine Anderson, Those Who Breathe: A Photo Exploration in Two Parts

Politics and International Relations Senior Thesis Award

Emily Chesbrough, Freedom of Speech Through the Looking Glass: Reflections on the Governance of Political Discourse in China, the United States and the European Union

Robert B. Palmer Classics Award

Sara Bacon, Alexandria and the Construction of Urban Experience

Rosalyn S. Yalow Science Award

Megan Lewis, An Investigation of the Effects of Pitocin for Labor Induction and Augmentation on Breastfeeding Success

Ruth George Poetry Award

Stephanie Jimenez

Sallie Suzanne Tiernan Memorial Award

Sara Popovitch

Slocum Award(s)

Kelsey Lubetich, The Wonderful World of Disney Books

Kate Pluth, Recipe for a Library: An Exploration of How to Cook and Who to Be

Writing Program Thesis Award

Ariel Bloomer, Fall of the Limes: A Young Adult Historical Fiction Novella

Julia Rigby, A Celebration of Ceremony among the Juañeno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen Nation