2013 Senior Award Recipients

Greek Letter Awards

Phi Beta Kappa

J. Bria Biesman-Simons, Tara Contractor, Kayla Dalsfoist, Rachel Darby, Poonam Daryani, Caitlin Edmunds, Lauren Ellzey, Sara Estevez-Cores, Katherine Evans, Sophia Forman, Mariel Frechette, Kelsey Frost, Elsa Hammons-Watland, Karis Hanson, Alicia Hendrix, Rachel Kuenzi, Kathleen LaManna, Christina Noriega, Taryn Ohashi, Stephanie Park, Emilia Perez-Orselli, Ilona Phipps-Morgan, Julia Ritchie, Caitlin Sweeney, Stacy Wheeler, Manon Zouai

Sigma Delta Pi

Emily Areta, J. Bria Biesman-Simons, Sophie Brooks-Ames, Elizabeth Crumpacker, Catlin Dennis, Lyanne Dominguez, Alexandra Feldhausen, Kelsey Frost, Lindsay Gutierrez-Leal, Caitlin Hanavan, Amy Hollander, Elizabeth Jones, Emily Jovais, Roshni Kakaiya, Elizabeth McGinnis, Nina Pincus, Madeline Sheldon, Anna Silverman, Hope Simpson, Sophia Willis-Conger, Anna-Marie Wood, Jacqueline Yamanaka

Sigma Xi

Poonam Daryani, Caitlin Edmunds, LeeAnn Louie, Julia Ritchie, Anna Silverman, Sarah Vitak, Laura Wyatt

Psi Chi

Jessica Baker, Brianna Buhaly, Catlin Dennis, Sara Estevez-Cores, Melissa Margolis, Chelsea Russell

Theta Alpha Kappa

Megan Everett, Kari Geiger, Bryn Morgan

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Misato Suzuki

Latin Honors

Summa Cum Laude

Jocelyn Biesman-Simons, Tara Contractor, Poonam Daryani, Kelsey Frost, Alicia Hendrix, Rachel Kuenzi, Kathleen Lamanna, Christina Noriega, Stephanie Park

Magna Cum Laude

Kayla Dalsfoist, Rachel Darby, Monica Dreitcer, Anne Dreshfield, Caitlin Edmunds, Lauren Ellzey, Sara Estevez Cores, Katherine Evans, Alexandra Feldhausen, Sophia Forman, Mariel Frechette, Devin Grenley, Elsa Watland, Karis Hanson, Morgan Mayer-Jochimsen, Claire Mazahery, Taryn Ohashi, Emilia Perez-Orselli, Ilona Phipps-Morgan, Julia Ritchie, Camille Robins, Molly Serizawa, Caitlin Sweeney, Stacy Wheeler, Manon Zouai

Cum Laude

Rosa Ahn, Carolyn Angius, LaThelma Armstrong, Alexis Barab, Rachel Bodansky, Alyssa Boyle, Sophie Brooks-Ames, Susan Bryant, Brianna Buhaly, Emily Bulley, Natalie Cannon, Juliet Carnoy, Kathleen Carter, Kelly Chang, Dail Chapman, Michelle Christovich, S. Myung-Su Chun, Elizabeth Crumpacker, Catlin Haley Dennis, Justine Desmond, Megan Everett, Sarah Fisher, Savannah Fitz, Elena Ginebreda-Frendel, Lindsay Leal, Morgan Halley, Caitlin Hanavan, Faith Heffernan, Kristie Hernandez, Mary Hershewe, Mary Hogue, Amy Hollander, Julia Hughes, Jacqueline Humphries, Allison Jones, Emily Jovais, Roshni Kakaiya, Meredith Kertzman, Yuliya Lantsman, Tracy Layden, Skyler Lipscomb, Leeann Cheng-Yee Louie, Julia Markham-Cameron, Hannah Mason, Ann Mayhew, Elizabeth McGinnis, Alyssa Mello, Courtney Miranda, Ana Mitchell, Refilwe Moahi, Bryn Morgan, Alexandra Moyzis, Sarah Murtaugh, Roxanne Narasaki, Allison Nkwocha, Gavin Odabashian, Madison Pathe, Jessica Rosenthal, Danya Macmellon Rubin, Chelsea Russell, Avantika Saraogi, Jade Silver, Anna Silverman, Peri Tenenbaum, Rachel Weiner, Claire Wilson, Evelyn Wong, Anna-Marie Wood, Laura Wyatt, Emily Yau

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Fulbright Fellows

Susan Bryant, Art and Architecture in Austria

Poonam Daryani, English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia

Alexandra Feldhausen, English Teaching Assistantship in Brazil

Jessica Fong, English Teaching Assistantship in Korea

Marika McClenahan, English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia

Stephanie Park, English Teaching Assistantship in Korea

Joi Ward, English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia

Claire Wilson, English Teaching Assistantship in Jordan

Thomas J. Watson Fellows

Pambana Gutto Bassett, Witnessed by Weaving: Lives and Eco-Stories Told by Hand

Melissa Margolis, Alienating or Empowering? Exploring Community Responses to HIV/AIDS Edutainment

Napier Fellows

LaThelma Armstrong, The Call Me By My Name Project

Alumnae Athletic Award

Rachel Darby

Annual Alumnae Award

Lyanne Dominguez

Anthropology Senior Thesis Award

Anna-Marie Wood, Drinking at the Claremont Colleges: Pregaming, Partying, and Why Rules Don't Matter

Art Department Innovation Award

Avantika Saraogi, Art and Dance: Sediments, Segments, and Movement

Athlete of the Year

Madison Shove

Barbara McClintock Science Award

Courtney Miranda, Facilitative Interactions Among Native Perennial Shrubs and Native and Exotic Annuals in Recovering Coastal Sage Scrub

Chicana/o-Latina/o Senior Thesis Award

Evelyn Duarte, In Search of Consciousness: Latinos in a Struggle Against a School to Prison Pipeline

Edith Potter German Award

Katherine Evans, The Self-Representation of the State in the Olympic Games: Munich 1972 and Seoul 1988

Edward A. White Award in American Studies

Carolyn Angius, The Concrete River: Industry, Race, and Green Justice on the Banks of the Los Angeles River

English Senior Thesis Award

Tara Contractor, The Aesthetics of Sympathy: George Eliot's Representations Of the Visual Arts

Margaret Siler Faust Psychology Senior Thesis Award

Jessica Baker, Siblings of Individuals with Autism: Levels of Social Anxiety and Social Skills

Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Scholarship

Tara Contractor

Gender and Women's Studies Award

Roshni Kakaiya, Campeonas de Cambio: Exposing Structural Violence in Healthcare Through Narratives of Farm Working Women in Coachella Valley

Gladys Pattison Music Award

Rachel Bodansky, Rebel Girls: Feminist Punk for a New Generation

Hispanic Studies Senior Thesis Award

Elizabeth McGinnis, Feminine Identity During the Franco Period: The Novels of Josefina Aldecoa and Carmen Martin Gaite

History Senior Thesis Award

Willa Oddleifson, A Façade of Most Exquisite Gallantry: French Educational Reforms of the Late Nineteenth Century and Their Impact on Women's Education

Kathleen Wicker Religious Studies Senior Thesis Award

Megan Everett, Ritual Potential: A Queer Interpretation of the Mikvah Utilizing Victor Turner's Liminality

Kari Geiger, How You Have Fallen: Exploring the Benevolence of an Early Christian God as Seen Through a Progressively Embodied Satan

Latin American Studies Senior Thesis Award

Amy Hollander, Exceptions to Costa Rican Exceptionalism: National Identity, Race, and Nicaraguan Labor Migration in Costa Rica's Tourism Industry

Marian Miller, Building Bridges to Transcend Borders: Radical Transnational Feminist Praxis in Response to US Systems of Incarceration and Violence

Fabiola Ceja-Cervantes, Academic Achievement of Latino Students in the Lennox School District

Legal Studies Senior Thesis Award

Rachel Darby, Compromising Face-to-Face Confrontation: Does the Protected Child Witness Threaten Impartial Juror Decision-Making?

Lois Langland Psychology Award

Sara Estevez-Cores, Female Political Participation in Women's Colleges vs. Coeducational Institutions

Lucia Suffel Crafts Award

Sophia Forman, Bringing Back Color, Bringing Back Emotion: Exploring Phenomenological Empathy in The Reclamation of the Female Nude in Painting

Devin Grenley, Visual Abstractions: A Close Photographic Reading of the Female Body

Marguerite Pearson Drama Award

Roxanne Cook, Pitzer College

Noëlle and Veronique Boucquey Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award

Manon Zouai

Payton Watkins '09 Media Studies Award

Naomi Moser, A Cautionary Tale Mother to Daughter and Talk Over Me

Peter Kiang Senior Thesis Prize in Asian American Studies

Catherine Wang, Stress, School Satisfaction, Attitudes Toward Professional Help-Seeking, Levels of Perceived Social Support, and Involvement in Race/Ethnic Based Organizations for Asian Americans at The Claremont Colleges

Politics and International Relations Senior Thesis Award

Kristie Hernandez, Policing Public Schools: The Multilayered Expansion of the Carceral State in the Los Angeles Unified School District, as a Response to Black and Brown Students' Tradition of Radical Resistance

Robert B. Palmer Classics Award

Sarah Murtaugh, Gibbon's Guides: The Scholarly Reception of Ammianus Marcellinus and Procopius of Caesarea after The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Rosalyn S. Yalow Science Award

Poonam Daryani, Identification and Analysis of Contextual Factors Impacting Polytobacco Use Among Young Adult South Asians

Sallie Suzanne Tiernan Memorial Award

Michelle Christovich

Sara Ladwig Prize in Italian Studies

Kelsey Frost, Who Are We?: Linguistic Choices and the Italian Immigrant in Latin America's Construction of Identity

Slocum Award(s)

Ann Mayhew, From Otranto to the Overlook: A Collection of Gothic and Horror

Sybil Smith Memorial Latin Prize

Kathleen LaManna, Power and Nostalgia in Eras of Cultural Rebirth: The Timeless Allure of the Farnese Antinous

Writing Program Thesis Award

Ann Dreshfield, All Are Finally Fictions: Fan Fiction as Creative Empowerment Through the Re-Writing of "Reality"

Lauren Ellzey, If Women Were Moments: A Novel

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