Supporting Our International Community

Dear Scripps College Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Last week the new president issued a number of executive orders and presidential memos. The executive order pertaining to immigration and travel has led to particular concern, since it targets Muslim-majority countries. While the legality of these measures is evaluated, the College advises that people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen not travel internationally for now.

Whether from those countries or not, members of our community will need support navigating the legal, financial, and emotional implications of recent policy shifts. I encourage students to contact their Primary Contact Deans (PCDs), who stand prepared to address concerns and questions and facilitate access to legal resources, therapeutic counseling, and other services as needed. Additionally, for students, faculty, and staff, the International Place offers another source of support for members of The Claremont Colleges’ international community. The Offices of the Dean of Faculty and Human Resources are available to provide support, information and resources to faculty and staff, and Scripps’ Employee Assistance Program provides access to a range of free legal and emotional support services for employees and their families.

We will remain vigilant in monitoring and communicating about the potential impact of these and future federal policy changes in the months ahead. The Dean of Students will provide updates on resources available to members of the community and the PCDs, the Dean of Faculty, and the Office of Human Resources will continue to reach out to and remain in close contact with those who may be affected by future executive and legislative actions.

As the College evaluates the potential impact of recent and upcoming executive actions on Muslim, international, and other members of our community, we will strive to protect our students, faculty, and staff from unjust treatment and to preserve access to Scripps College for those who live, learn, and work here. Consistent with my earlier message, we will not voluntarily provide any information about immigration status or other personal and private information about our students to federal agencies. Scripps embraces and values its Muslim and international community members, and it is vitally important that we express our support, solidarity, and concern for one another’s well being during these uncertain times.

I appreciate the faculty, student leaders, and alumnae who have offered resources, information, and support over the past several days to help the College to be responsive to and supportive of it students, faculty, and staff. We are fortunate to have such a strong network of active, informed, and compassionate individuals who are invested in preserving Scripps as a haven for inclusive excellence.



Lara Tiedens