Reaffirming Scripps College’s Core Values

Dear Scripps College Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The Scripps College we know, love, and continue to build together is not a place for hate, discrimination, or violence, and such behavior will not be tolerated. Antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents are on the rise worldwide, and I am deeply concerned for those in the Scripps community who are feeling vulnerable as a result. Students, faculty, and staff have reported feeling targeted, misunderstood, afraid to express their faith, or to ask questions about what is happening in the world. Therefore, I am calling on the Scripps community to reaffirm its commitment to our educational mission and to one another.

As an institution of higher education, our mission includes providing an environment where individuals know they are physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe. Our Principles of Community  and  Principles of Diversity offer guidance on how to uphold our shared values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, even when our held views seem irreconcilable. Scripps College comprises a caring community of learners with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. We have the ability, the responsibility, and the obligation to model how to listen to one another, engage with one another, and learn from one another while practicing mutual respect.

Scripps College fiercely protects and supports the principles of free speech and academic freedom to express differences. If a community member crosses the line of free speech into behavior that disrupts the ability to live and learn safely on campus, the College has policies and resources available to all community members. If you or someone you know has been the victim of conduct that you believe creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment, or that interferes with work or academic performance, please report your experience to the Scripps Title IX office via email. The Title IX team administers Scripps College’s discrimination and harassment policy, assesses alleged violations, and provides support. Instances of physical intimidation or violence will be referred to law enforcement.

The College offers a broad range of resources to help us navigate these difficult times together. I encourage you to nurture your wellbeing by connecting to other members of the Scripps community. The Scripps Equity and Justice team will continue to reach out and convene students, faculty, and staff and provide opportunities for dialogue, understanding, and healing; various student clubs, 7C organizations, and academic programs are hosting informational events; the Dean of Students Office continues to serve as a hub for student support and resources; and the Chaplains offer forums for faith-based processing and healing.

These are exceedingly difficult times for our world and for ourselves as an academic community. It is during such times that the Scripps community’s shared commitment to knowledge and understanding as tools for strengthening community, addressing complex problems, navigating conflict, standing together against hate, being instruments of positive change, and acting with integrity, compassion, and care for one another are more important than ever.


Amy Marcus-Newhall