Message from President Tiedens

Dear Scripps Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The presidential campaign and the election results have created a great deal of uncertainty and apprehension over the past 18 months. The outcome of this turbulent political season has evoked strong emotions for many of us as we struggle to interpret its meaning. Not everyone will have the same reaction.  Fear, anger, sadness, confusion, anxiety, hope, happiness, and many other emotions could all be experienced, and many of us will experience a complicated mixture of these feelings.

Elections are a time when the nation affirms its commitment to the national community, but it is also a time that can lead to questioning of the community and our own place in it.  In this particular election, some of the rhetoric illuminated deep differences in the U.S. in a way that was troubling for people of a variety of political persuasions.  Here at Scripps College, I hope we focus on the community we to which we belong, our shared values, and our caring for one another.  One of the great advantages of our small setting is that we are empowered to produce the community we want – one that values diverse perspectives, that engages in critical thinking, that applauds the power of ideas, and that comes together to support each other. In a time of so much political fighting, I hope that we can model a better world, one where we listen to one another and where we seek ways to include all, even when we disagree.

I also hope that now, as with all times of questioning, we take good care of ourselves and each other, to produce support for each other in class, in the residence halls, and over meals, and that we make good use of the various services available here and throughout the consortium.  An election always makes us look toward the future and wonder what it holds.  Every day, when I look at Scripps students, I see the future, and I have great confidence about the impact that our students will have on the world.

While classes remain in session, faculty are aware that students may need extra support. Balch Auditorium will be open all day as a gathering place where we can be together, affirm our commitment to our community and values, and process emotions for those for whom that would be helpful.  The primary contact deans will be available throughout to provide support as needed.



Lara Tiedens