Message to the Scripps Community

In conversation with Board leadership, I have made the decision to step down as president of Scripps College. I am very sorry for the disappointment that this news causes.

Fran and I have so much to be grateful for despite our short time in Claremont: the staff and faculty who made us welcome and assisted us at every turn; the Claremont and 7C community members from whose wisdom we benefited; and especially the lively, engaging students, not least the Athenas, whose accomplishments are ever such a delight to witness. I plan to return to the classroom as a professor of English. I have sorely missed teaching, my core vocation.

We are also grateful to be able to spend some precious time with our 87-year-old dads, both of whom live on the East Coast.

I greatly admire the students and faculty who make up the intellectual community at Scripps, and I look forward to participating in Scripps’ central mission after a sabbatical.