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Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)

Kelly Hogencamp


Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Political Science, and Latin American Studies from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She has been with Scripps College for nine years.

As Principal Designated School Official (PDSO), Kelly serves Scripps’ international students by providing immigration and regulatory information and managing student records in SEVIS. As Registrar, she meets regularly with international students to discuss degree plans and to clarify policies that have bearing on visa regulations.

Favorite place on campus: Margaret Fowler Garden

Favorite way to engage the Scripps community: Kelly loves sharing a meal and conversation with students, staff, and faculty at Malott Commons.

Primary Contact Dean (PCD)

Deborah Gisvold

Assistant Dean, Director Tiernan Field House

Deb has a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. She has been with Scripps College for 13 years.

As a Primary Contact Dean (PCD) for international students, Deb’s primary role is to provide guidance and resources to students to support their academic success and personal well-being.

Favorite place on campus: Tiernan Field House (of course!)

Favorite way to engage the Scripps community: My favorite way to engage is through a shared interest or program. On any given day, that could mean a meal at Malott Commons, a Diversity and Equity workshop, or a student employment position such as a Laspa Fellowship. Scripps is such a unique place with so many opportunities, it’s difficult to choose just one!

Designated School Official (DSO)

Jessica Johnston

Associate Director of Admission

Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College and her master’s from Drexel University. She has been with Scripps College since 2012. She engages international students through the admissions process and by issuing I-20s for new students.

Favorite place on campus: Graffiti Wall

Favorite way to engage the Scripps community: While the nature of my job means I don’t work with a lot of current students, I love meeting future Scripps students across the United States and around the world!