2016 Spring Interventions and Resistance: Raced/ Gendered/ Classed Violence in the USA

April 18, 2016

Public Event – Native American Resistance and Interventions

Native American Resistance and Interventions PLEASE NOTE: The location of the event has moved to the Humanities Auditorium in the Edwards Humanities Building, with a reception in the Margaret Fowler Garden.  Scripps College, along with all of the Claremont Colleges, sits on ancestral Tongva land, the original in-habitants of the LA Basin area. This event […]

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April 12, 2016

Public Lecture – Tara Houska

The Invisible Genocide of Native Americans in the 21st Century Tara Houska is Ojibwe from Couchiching First Nation. She is a tribal rights attorney in Washington, D.C., the National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, and an advisor to the Bernie Sanders Campaign. Her work has incorporated traditional knowledge and values, as Tara is a […]

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March 8, 2016

Public Event: Claudia Rankine

“Citizen throws a Molotov cocktail at the notion that reduction of injustice is the same as freedom.” ―The New York Times Book Review Claudia Rankine’s Citizen uses a poetic frame to uncover an insidious racism embedded in the everyday, from Main Street USA to the lecture halls of the Ivory Tower. An offhand comment or a helpful call […]

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January 20, 2016

Community Dialogue: Ananya Chatterjea

Contemporary Artistic/Cultural Production in an Era of Police States, Race Violence, and Corporate Globalization – featuring Ananya Chatterjea All are welcome to join this discussion amongst students, faculty and community members, with renowned choreographer and activist, Ananya Chatterjea. How do we consider cultural creation in the context of the current political climate? What are concerns and issues in […]

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January 19, 2016

Tuesday Noon Academy Lecture: Rivka Weinberg

State and Societal Violence to Children  The only demographic in the U.S. to whom it is legal to be violent, even in the absence of any illegal behavior, is children. We permit violence to children in our homes and in our schools. We have invited the police into our school system and co-mingled the school […]

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Tuesday Noon Academy Lecture: Mark Golub

Race/Riot/Rebellion: Or, How America Came to Regard Black Equality as a Violation of White Rights News reporting and social media lately have been saturated with images of police violence against unarmed African-American men and women – often followed by large-scale street protests popularly characterized as “riots” or mobs. Visually and narratively, police shootings tend to […]

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Workshop: Rima Shah

Sexual Assault Prevention and Support Workshop on sexual assault prevention and support on college campuses lead by Rima Shah, Director of EmPOWER Center.

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Tuesday Noon Academy Lecture: Michael Spezio

Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Creative Nonviolence In and After Violence: From Coexistence to Reconciliation In the wake of violent histories and in the presence of ongoing dynamical structures of violence, is there still a possibility for just peace? There are many ways of denying this possibility, both implicit — through actions and statements whose harm we do […]

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Public Lecture: Nadine Naber

Feminist Emergencies: Imperial War and Gender Justice Movements from Palestine and Lebanon to Chicago and Detroit This lecture explores the ways U.S.-led empire seeps into the lives and labor of feminist and queer activists of the Arab region and its diasporas. It focuses on the ways moments of intensive state violence, such as the Israeli […]

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Performance: Ananya Dance Theatre

Roktim: Nurture Incarnadine “Our work is in opening the ground, creating a space for questions, for provoking discussion, and for offering images that then resonate in people’s minds.” – Ananya Chatterjea In performance that celebrates the intersection of classical Indian and folk dance traditions, street theater, and social justice, dancer, choreographer, and educator Ananya Chatterjea puts women artists […]

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Public Lecture: Pandora Thomas

We Are the Ones Pandora Thomas will lead an interactive and multimedia presentation in which she will share stories and strategies for strengthening the link between Social and Environmental Justice that are rooted in all of our cultural traditions. Pandora Thomas is a passionate global citizen who works as a teacher, writer, designer and speaker. She […]

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Poetry Workshop: Sesshu Foster

Resistance and Interventions: the Writer in Place We’re going to think about place and community (or the lack of it). We’re going to write a bit about community, place and the role of the writer: You, young artist, young writer. Go anywhere you like. But know that a community was there before you—this land was […]

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Public Lecture: Doris Sommer and George Lipsitz

Art to the Rescue: Cultural Agents Take You By Surprise Building on the extraordinary intervention made in scholarly and civic life by Doris Sommer’s “The Work of Art in the World,” this presentation explores how the lost promise of the humanities is being realized by artists and activists in aggrieved communities in New Orleans, Houston […]

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Movement Workshop – Nobuko Miyamoto

TO ALL RELATIONS Nobuko Miyamoto creates a safe and sacred space for an experiential process using, movement, music and playful theater games. In this microcosmic circle, individual creativity opens and group energy emerges. Through the expression of personal stories we experience our uniqueness and our interconnectedness. Nobuko Miyamoto, Artistic Director of Great Leap, uses her […]

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Workshop: Mahroh Jahangiri, Zoe Ridolfi-Starr (Know Your IX)

  I Need IX: A Civil Rights Framework for Ending Gender-Based Violence Students and activists are using Title IX to fight gender-based violence and create paths for justice and healing within a civil rights framework, beyond a criminal legal system that often harms (rather than works for) survivors. This workshop will explore the transformative nature […]

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Workshop: Asiyahola Sankara

Face to Face: Radical Futures for Black and Indigenous Solidarity This workshop and presentation will cover recent developments in Black internationalist organizing at the grassroots level in the Americas. Using primary sources*, and uplifting the voices of youth, women, and queer, trans, and gender non-conforming folks, the workshop will familiarize students with the international viewpoints […]

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Movement Workshop: Ananya Dance Theatre

Choreographing Identity/ Dancing our stories In this workshop, participants will work through games and embodied exercises to create a sense of community and connection, and with improvised movement and text to create choreographies that share the stories of participants. This particular exploration will be based on the theme of healing at a time of violence. […]

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