“Everything’s Cool”

In their signature upbeat comedic style, Daniel Gold and Judith Helfand weave an entertaining, character-driven, behind-the-scenes tale about the mother of all problems: global warming.

Against a distinctly American backdrop of denial, deception, and delay, a group of global-warming messengers/prophets fervently searches for the right language and strategy to propel a reluctant, disaster-fatigued citizenry and its elected officials into action. Among this cast of characters are a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who repeatedly tries to retire but can’t, the Weather Channel’s first climatologist with a “global-warming beat” who must pack her Ph.D. into 30-second sound bites, two “bad boys” who aim a radical critique at the environmental movement, and a public servant who blows the lid off the White House’s manipulation of key climate-change research.