2000 Fall Ancient Worlds

January 30, 2014

“The Darker Face of the Earth”

The Darker Face of the Earth, the first full-length play by Pulitzer Prize winner Rita Dove, is an Oedipal tragedy of interracial love set on a plantation in pre-Civil War […]

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The Ancient World as a World System

Our notions of the Ancient World in the West have been dominated by the image of Greek and Roman civilizations and their foundational role in the formation of European culture […]

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Ancient Religion?

Alongside assertions of their relevance to contemporary issues, religions frequently appeal to their ancient roots and traditions as a guarantee of their truth or values. What is the significance of […]

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Page DuBois

Slaves were ubiquitous in ancient Greek society. Yet they are often invisible in classical studies today. How can we come to terms with this ubiquity and its erasure as we […]

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September 14, 2000

The Classical Body Revisited

Since the European Renaissance, ideas of the classical Roman or Greek body have helped to shape modern ideals of physical form, norms for the gendered body, in short, our corporeal […]

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