1998 Fall Human Rights” and Wrongs: a Conversation Between Humanities and the Law

January 30, 2014

David Dante Troutt

David Dante Troutt, Professor of Law at Rutgers University, is the author of The Monkey Suit, fictions that bring to life the people affected by ten landmark African-American legal cases. He will discuss the strategy of using fiction to evoke “the unspeaking voice.”

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Candance Vogler

Currently Professor of Philosophy at Chicago University, Scholar-Activist Candance Vogler also does legal support work for Uhuru House, an African-American liberation center. She will argue the need for non-liberal understandings of human rights.

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Rita Maran

Former Associate Director of the Human Rights Program at U.C. Berkeley, Rita Maran has been a consultant to the U.S Department of State on Bosnia and written a book on torture. Her lecture will address the role of non-governmental organizations in current human rights interventions.

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Seyla Benhabib

Seyla Benhabib, distinguished social and political theorist at Harvard, will examine the “We” of post-Cold War Europe.

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James Anaya

Professor of Law and Special Council to the Indian Law Resource Center (Albuquerque), James Anaya will discuss indigenous people’s demands of group rights.

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“‘And Justice for All'”

Directed by Michael Moore, Porch Light Productions.

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Mary Tong

Mary Tong, Executive Director of the Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers, will discuss cross-border organizing.

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Neil Gotanda

Professor of Law and Critical Race Theorist Neil Gotanda will look at the issue of “citizenship” as it affects Asian-Americans and African-Americans.

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