1992 Fall Writing the Post-Colonial

January 30, 2014

“L’Etat Sauvage”

Directed by Francis Girod.

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“Saalam Bombay”

Directed by Mira Nora.

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Writing the Post-Colonial

Conference Participants: Anthony Appiah, Harvard University Houston Baker, University of Pennsylvania Rey Chow, University of Minnesota Virginia R. Dominiguez, UC Santa Cruz Ruth Frankenberg, University of Washington Marilyn J. Ivy, University of Chicago Lata Mani, UC Davis V.Y. Mudimbe, Duke University

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The Africanization of Christianity

Symposium Participants: M.L. Daneel, University of South Africa John and Jean Comaroff, University of Chicago Brenda Stevenson, UCLA Sterling P. Stuckey, UC Riverside Kathleen Wicker, Scripps College Sue Houchins, Scripps College

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“Black Girl”

Directed by Ousame Sembene.

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Marlene Dietrich Film Retrospective (Co-sponsored by the Scripps German Dept.)

“Marlene,” “Blue Angel,” “Blond Venus,” “Witness for the Prosecution.”

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