1992 Fall Writing the Post-Colonial

January 30, 2014

“L’Etat Sauvage”

Directed by Francis Girod.

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“Saalam Bombay”

Directed by Mira Nora.

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Writing the Post-Colonial

Conference Participants: Anthony Appiah, Harvard University Houston Baker, University of Pennsylvania Rey Chow, University of Minnesota Virginia R. Dominiguez, UC Santa Cruz Ruth Frankenberg, University of Washington Marilyn J. Ivy, […]

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The Africanization of Christianity

Symposium Participants: M.L. Daneel, University of South Africa John and Jean Comaroff, University of Chicago Brenda Stevenson, UCLA Sterling P. Stuckey, UC Riverside Kathleen Wicker, Scripps College Sue Houchins, Scripps […]

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“Black Girl”

Directed by Ousame Sembene.

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Marlene Dietrich Film Retrospective (Co-sponsored by the Scripps German Dept.)

“Marlene,” “Blue Angel,” “Blond Venus,” “Witness for the Prosecution.”

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