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Justice and Its Limits

Justice and Its Limits will examine the various ways in which thinking about justice has affected and been affected by recent work in the humanities. The conference will focus on how an understanding of just judgment informs or is ignored in politics, cultural criticism and some crucial aspects of contemporary social life. We trust that by bringing together some of the most thoughtful scholars in the humanities today to concentrate on this theme, we will better understand not only how our various disciplines are connected to the law, but how our attempts to understand and participate in our societies are dependent on our comprehension of justice.

Speakers and Events

September 5, 1987
"Justice and Its Limits Conference"

Scripps College

• Frank Michelman (Harvard Law School) -- How the Constitution Changes
• Lucy White (UCLA Law School) -- Respondant to Frank Michelman"
• Leonard Levy (Claremont Graduate School) --Original Intent and the Founder
• Charles Kesler (Claremont McKenna College) --Respondant to Leonard Levy
• Nancy Fraser (Northwestern University) -- Solidarity or Singularity: Richard Rorty Between Romanticism and Technocracy
• Laurie Shrage (Cal Poly, Pomona) -- Respondant to Nancy Fraser
• Mary Poovey (Johns Hopkins University) -- Justice and Gender
• Catherine Hantzis (USC Law School) -- Respondant to Mary Poovey
• Claude Lefort (Ecole des Hautes Etudes) -- Human Rights in the Age of Relativism
• Scott Warren (Pomona College) -- Respondant to Claude Lefort
• Sheldon Wolin (Princeton University and UCLA) -- Justice and Amnesia
• Sharon Snowiss (Pitzer College) -- Respondant to Sheldon Wolin
• Evelyn Fox Keller (Northeastern University) -- Ideology and the Scientific Method
• Daniel Guthrie (Claremont Joint Science Program) -- Respondant to Evelyn Fox Keller
• Toni Morrison (Author of Beloved, The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Tar Baby, Winner of the National Book Award, 1987)

September 16, 1987
Martin Jay
University of California, Berkeley

"Modernism, Post Modernism and the Denigration of Vision in 20th-century French Thought"
Scripps College

October 22, 1987
Toni Morrison

Scripps College

December 3, 1987

Stanford Law School

"Constitutional Limits"
Scripps College