Sarah Budischak – Biology

Professor Sarah Budischak had the following papers published:

Warburton, E., S.A. Budischak, A. Jolles, V.O. Ezenwa. Within-host and external environments differentially shape β-diversity across parasite life stages. Journal of Animal Ecology.

Seguel, M., S.A. Budischak, A. Jolles, V.O. Ezenwa. 2022. Helminth-associated changes in host immune phenotype connect top-down and bottom-up interactions during co-infection. Functional Ecology.

H.A. Lakin, H. Tavalire, K. Sakamoto, P. Buss, M. Miller, S.A. Budischak, K. Raum, V.O. Ezenwa; B. Beechler; A. Jolles. 2022. Bovine tuberculosis in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer): progression of pathology during infection. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 16:e0010906.