Venue – Denison Library

Denison Library opened in 1931 to its first students, quickly becoming an integral and intimate part of not only theirs but subsequent generations’ educational experiences. Designed by the first campus architect Gordon Kaufmann, the building’s distinctive architecture — with its central stained glass Gutenberg window celebrating the development of learning through the written word — and the beautiful hand carved wood interiors combined to create an environment encouraging learning and reflection.

Generations of Scripps students have formed personal relationships with the building, its resources, and its pervasive atmosphere of individualized attention. Impressed with the Library’s success in engaging students and convinced of the power of primary materials to enrich an educational program, donors have contributed important collections of rare and special materials as well as funds to enhance the collections.

Capacity: Smart Classrooms 20 – 48 student desks

* Scripps College community members request use of Scripps campus facilities through the EMS System.


Catering, Furniture and equipment rental, Audio/Visual services

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Reservations should be at least 6 months in advance.