FLP: Basic Budgeting

Basic Budgeting is the first of a four-part Financial Literacy Program, a series designed by Scripps for Scripps incorporates curriculum from previous academic and co-curricular programs and community input. Explore concepts of personal finance to successfully navigate financial decisions during and after college. About the presenter: Lily Comba is a Partnerships Associate at Thrive Market, an e-commerce startup that’s working to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. She simultaneously works part-time for an organization called Ask For It that teaches women how to effectively negotiate. She previously worked as an Assistant Account Executive at OMD, where she learned the basics of media planning and campaign strategy. From her experiences in marketing and business development, Lily believes in making the world better, healthier place for all people. While at Scripps, she worked as a Career Consultant for CP&R and fell in love with helping her peers succeed and accomplish their biggest career goals.

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