Workshop on Anti-Oppression with Toni Myers, M.A. ’12

This workshop is a low-key dialogue space and work session for students of all knowledge levels. It is designed to engage multiple learners, including those just beginning the process of critical thinking and learning with respect to social justice.

This collaboration with SCORE staff is designed to provide Scripps students with the tools necessary to engage in dialogues about forms of oppression as they relate to their own experiences, especially those at Scripps.

Students will be provided with adequate resources to produce/create their own power, privilege, and oppression peer workshop models.

This will not end in a certification or statement of completion, but rather, this workshop intends to directly engage students in critical thinking, curriculum design, and dialogue with other students on campus.

Due to its open nature, this workshop/session is considered a brave, but safe space; meaning that it will be intentionally designed to accommodate students who are curious to learn more about anti-oppression, what it is, and what it means in relationship to the Scripps experience.