Stargazing and Sky Watching: Astronomy Through the Ages

People throughout history have looked to the sky for many reasons: to chart the heavens, to navigate the seas, to establish their place in the universe, even to predict the future. To read and interpret the heavens and divine our place within the universe fascinates us today more than ever. On view in this exhibition are rare items from Special Collections at Honnold/Mudd and Denison libraries and from the astronomy collections of Brackett Observatory at Pomona College about the history of astronomy. Historical books, maps and charts, illustrations, astronomical instruments, and artifacts, from 15th through the early 20th centuries, exemplify the wonder of new discoveries and the excitement of generations past. Significant figures in the history of European astronomy such as Ptolemy, Galileo, and Copernicus will be featured as well as examples of Latin American calendars and instruments used for teaching astronomy to college students.

For further information concerning this exhibition, please contact Professor Bryan Penprase, Pomona College, and Carrie Marsh, Special Collections Librarian, Honnold/Mudd Library.