CIDE Meeting Summary October 17, 2019

CIDE Meeting Summary October 17, 2019

Attending: Theodore Bartholomew, Wendy Cheng, Abigail Clarke, Courtney Espiritu, Victoria Genao, Daphne Liu, Marnita Martin, Brittani Morris, Denise Nelson Nash, Laura Stratton, Aayushi Trivedi, Tressi Mehana Turkmany, and Jennifer Wells.

Overview of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 2000-Present

Denise provided an overview of the College’s progress towards its goals in inclusion, diversity, and equity.

The President’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (PACDI) was the predecessor to CIDE. PACDI was established to be a sounding board on college-wide issues but became an echo chamber. The Committee on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (CIDE) replaced PACDI and was designed as a conduit for information sharing, and to provide recommendations that will assist the president and her cabinet in continuing their genuine desire to effect meaningful and impactful change. CIDE is charged with proposing recommendations that will advance the College’s goals in inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Working Group Topics Discussion:

The committee discussed potential topics and the goals of conducting research, and engaging community members in focus groups, surveys, and remote conversations. The focus on topics that are administrative, not academic, was emphasized. The goal of developing implementable recommendations was heighted as the academic year-end goal.

Possible topics discussed included:

  1.  Political action in an election year
  2.  Welcoming new members to campus
  3. Inclusion vs separation
  4. Creating safe spaces
  5. Decolonization and Scripps’ relationship to settler colonialism
  6. Wellness and alternative forms of healing
  7. Microaggressions in the classroom for both students and faculty

Group consensus on 3 working group topics:

Inclusion vs. SeparationJenn, Brittani, Marney, Aayushi, and Daphne •

DecolonizationWendy, Ted, and Tressi •

Wellness – Laura, Victoria, Courtney, and Marissa (TBC)

*Committee members in bold have volunteered to serve as coordinators of their respective working group.

Action Items: Each working group to meet and create topic title, statement of purpose, establish information collection methods, including community feedback, and upload document to the shared Box folder. (document upload request by November 10). President Tiedens to attend the November 11 meeting, during which time the three topic goals and objectives will be discussed.