Spring Racial Justice Training Series

Session 1: Confronting Anti-Blackness
Friday, March 12, 12-2 pm PT

This session will give participants common language around concepts of racial justice, specifically unpacking Anti-Blackness and why it is central to understanding how White Supremacy works in the United States today. We will debrief how we have arrived to this moment in the movement for Black lives, and will share how each of us has experienced the past year including living through an uncontrolled pandemic, tumultuous election, and ongoing state-sanctioned anti-Black police violence.

Session 2: Building an Anti-Racist Identity
Wednesday, March 24, 10 am-12 pm PT

Our identities impact the way we view, experience, and interact with the world. This exploration of the role of racial identity in power and privilege will focus on how we perceive ourselves and how we may be perceived by those around us. Finally, participants will identify possibilities for strengthening clarity of how their racial identities can serve as resources for practicing Racial Justice.

Session 3: Creating a Sustainable Racial Justice Movement
Wednesday, April 14, 3-5 pm PT
It is imperative that everyone is actively working to create racial justice in our communities. However, pushing ourselves to our limits will only result in scattered actions and a lack of results. Our tendency to insist on perfection in our activism, can cause us not to start the work for fear of messing up or to exclude others from our movements instead of offering opportunities for growth and learning. Together, we need to create spaces to discuss these nuances and commit to self-care and the care of others as we proceed with this crucial, lifelong work.

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