Throughout this draft diversity strategic plan there are strategic recommendations. The next step for this document is to bring it forward as a recommendation to the President and Senior Staff.

There are multiple models that one can envision to ensure successful progress on this strategic plan. Some have posited that a Chief Diversity Officer should be hired to facilitate progress, keep diversity central to our efforts, monitor progress, and serve as a resource. Others have argued that it is better to place the responsibility within the administration of the College. Whatever model is selected for Scripps, the key is that we want and need to continue making significant progress on diversity and inclusivity. Addressing the strategies outlined in this document will require responsibility from virtually all constituencies at Scripps College.

One critical factor that we know is important to ensure success is regularized accountability. An annual report, using the framework outlined here and metrics that are emerging, will be critical to seeing where progress has been made and where new efforts will be required. As part of this report, the staff or governance entity identified as responsible for the goal will present what has been accomplished, the effects of those accomplishments, the next steps needed and a plan of action for those next steps, and any new issues that have arisen.

We are at an exciting juncture where we have begun to make progress in terms of diversity and inclusivity, and this document is the imperative to continue these strides in a compelling and urgent manner and to address areas where our goals have not been reached. It will take leadership at all levels, communication, accountability, and intentionality to succeed.