Senior Thesis Buddies

Team up with a Writing Center Thesis Buddy as you work on your thesis throughout the semester or year. Writing Center Thesis Buddies will work with you to:

  • Set deadlines to keep yourself on track
  • Break tasks down into manageable pieces
  • Answer that nagging question, “Does it make sense?”

Writing Center Thesis Buddies can:

  • Support your writing process at every stage, from getting started to drafting to editing
  • Help you get unstuck
  • Provide feedback on ideas, drafts, and writing plans
  • Help you clarify ideas (especially if the tutor is not in your field)

Writing Center Thesis Buddies cannot:

  • Guarantee that you will finish your thesis on time—though they can help you manage your time to stay on track.
  • Edit your thesis, but they can assist you in recognizing patterns of error and show you how to correct them.


You should meet with the same Thesis Buddy throughout the process of writing your thesis. Your Thesis Buddy will set agendas with you and become familiar with your work and how you work. If you feel you would be more comfortable with a different Thesis Buddy, please contact Writing Center Director, Glenn Simshaw.

You should meet with your Thesis Buddy for a maximum of two hours per week. If you feel you need to meet with your Thesis Buddy for more than two hours per week, please contact the Writing Center Director. You and your Thesis Buddy will set an agenda for each session based on a schedule for completion of your Thesis. If you have not been able to meet the goal you set for a session, meet with your Thesis Buddy anyway. You and she can work on getting to the next step in your project by the next session. If you need to cancel a session, please contact your Thesis Buddy in advance.

If you cancel more than three sessions, you may be dropped from the program.