Violin and Chamber Music Auditions

Mus 177, Violin

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in taking violin lessons for credit!

We offer half-credit lessons to intermediate through advanced violinists, and additional credit for music majors preparing a junior or senior recital. (Sorry, no beginning violin at this time.)

Online lessons

Scripps’s violinists have been receiving online lessons since the onset of the Covid crisis.

We use Zoom, Facebook or Skype for our real-time interaction, and it works very well! I will sometimes ask you to prepare a recording of yourself, which we can critique together using screensharing. The recording offers a more accurate representation of your tone and nuance.

Lesson format and resources

  • Lessons are one half hour per week, customized to your schedule.
  • Scripps provides you with an accompanist at your lesson, at no extra charge! This fall, this very valuable resource takes the form of recordings, tailored to your needs. Our accompanists prepare recordings of piano parts to your repertoire, at several different speeds ranging from slow practice tempo to your preferred performance tempo. We can use the recordings in lessons, if you have a second device (such as a phone) which can play the piano recording while you and I communicate on your primary device.
  • Normally we offer student recital opportunities and performance classes as part of the violin curriculum.  For performance classes, all the violinists meet three times per term for 90 to 120 minutes, and play for each other. This term, we will meet via Zoom, in real time, but viewing your pre-recorded videos. I normally schedule these classes on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm.


Performance class is very low pressure! No public critiquing! These are not master classes! Most students play works which are still in progress. Classes are an opportunity to build our community, share your repertoire, and practice performing in a safe and friendly environment.

Requirements and expectations

  • Violinists enrolled in Mus 177 are required to enroll in Mus 175, Claremont Concert Orchestra.
  • You are expected to attend lessons, and at least two of the three performance classes. We can accommodate varying time zones.
  • You are expected to practice adequately to maintain progress throughout the semester.

Mus 172, Chamber Music

Normally, Chamber Music requires attendance at one coaching session per week, and one rehearsal weekly without the coach, each an hour long. Here’s how we will adapt that format to Zoom: I will place you in an ensemble and we will choose repertoire. Each player will make a weekly recording of their part, and send it to me to review. The coaching meeting will be on Zoom, at a time tailored to your various schedules. At that meeting, I will discuss your recordings with you. Eventually, you will feel ready to share your recordings with each other.

It is easy to arrange for each player to play along with one recording at a time. You will also listen to, and discuss, YouTube performances of your repertoire.

You will get to know the piece, your part and each other’s parts very well this way. We can look forward to a time in the future when you will be able to sit down in person with your colleagues and play the piece!

Preparing and submitting your audition video

  1. Position your camera so that both your hands are visible.
  2. State your name and college.
  3. State whether you are auditioning for Violin, Chamber Music or both.
  4. Briefly state your experience with the violin and/or with chamber music (ok if this is your first encounter with chamber music!)
  5. You may play anything which you feel shows your level. Choose 2 to 3 minutes of music. (It need not be memorized.)

Upload your video here.

Feel free to contact me:

Dr. Rachel V. Huang