Guest Artists and Choreographers

Guest Artists are those artists who have been invited to teach master classes, perform, and/or choreograph pieces for Scripps concerts. Following is a partial list of recent guest artists.

Abraham.In.Motion, Inc. Guest Residency, Choreography Remount (2024)
Arletta Anderson Contemporary Technique (2023)
Jhesus Aponte  Technique in Social Dance (2024)
Bread and Puppet Theatre Performance, Cantastoria Making (2022)
Janis Brenner  Technique and Improvisation (2016/2017/2022)
Bridgman/Packer  Dance/Video Technology (2015/2018)
Bernard Brown Choreographer (2012) Technique and Improvisation (2022)
Jay Carlon Performance, Guest Workshop (2023)
Alfonso Cervera Masterclass (2017)
Ebomi Cici Afro-Brazilian Orixá Storytelling (2022)
Eileen Cooley Lighting for Dance Workshop   (2014)
Shay Dixon  Technique in Social Dance (2024)
Rite Duffy Artist/activist   (2016)
Meg Foley Sc’04 Modern Technique/Improv (2007), choreography/performance (2017)
Kim Gadlin Dunham Technique (2024)
Sheetal Gandhi  Cultural Polyrhythms (2014), Performance (2013/2015)
Joan Giroux Egoscue Method   (2014)
Dr. Irvin Gonzalez Latin American Dance Techniques as Embodied Alters (2023)
Alli Gray 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop (2022)
Kati Hernandez Afro-Cuban Rumba (2022)
Rachel Hernandez Samba Reggae (2022)
Kate Hutter Non-Profit Arts Administration (2017)
Sakina Ibrahim Choreographer (2018)
Jeepneys Multimedia Performance (2017)
Lela Aisha Jones Choreographer (2018)
Brandon Juezan Hip-Hop (2023)
Hye Jin Kwon  Acupuncture  (2017)
Kevin Le Partnering (2016)
Brian Lee Lindyhop (2015)
Becca Lemme Choreographer (2019)
Liz Lerman Choreographer/Activist (2018)
Victoria Marks Improv/Composition  (2014)
Ray McNamara Body Music for Dancers  (2014, 2023)
Ricky Medina Choreographer (2024)
Griffin Miller Essential Oils  (2017, 2023)
Justin Morris Contemporary Technique (2024)
Dr. Kyle Murray Chiropractic (2022)
Amy O’Neal  Choreographer (2017)
Vera Passos  Afro-Brazilian Orixá Dance (2022)
Hans Pierre Technique (2023)
David Rousseve Dance Composition (2020)
Tero Saarinen Company Guest Artist Residency (2018)
Stefanie Sabunchian Reflexology   (2017)
Roxxanne Shelaby Dubke Technique (2024)
Brianna Skellie SC’08 Modern Technique (2014/2015/2018)
Rosanna Tavarez Choreographer (2021)
Tom Tsai Pz’09  Modern/Breaking (2016/2017), Contemporary Technique (2023)
Versa-Style Dance Company Hip Hop Performance (2016)
Viver Brasil Dance Company Performance (2018)
Wendy Waggener Alexander Technique   (2017/2020)
Dr. Tina Wang Lecture Kinesiology (2022)
Waeli Wang Performance, Screendance Workshop (2024)
Josette Wiggan Technique and Improv (2023)
Ronit Ziv Israeli Dance   (2017)