Computer Science

Requirements for the minor

A minor in Computer Science comprises six courses beyond Math 30(Calculus I) and Math 31 (Calculus II):

  • Math 55 (Discrete Math)
  • Math 60 (Linear Algebra)
  • CS 70 (HMC) may substitute for Math 55, with CS minor advisor approval.
  • One course in introductory programming (MS 59; Bio 99; Phys 108; CSCI 40 (CMC); CSCI 5 (HMC); CSCI 4 (Pit); or equivalent)
  • A second full course (1.0 course unit)  in Computing: Data Structures (CS 22, CSCI 46 (CMC), CSCI 35 (HMC), or CSCI 60 (HMC); or equivalent) selected in consultation with a Computer Science minor advisor.
  • Minimum of two elective courses selected in careful consultation with a Computer Science minor advisor, for a total of at least six full courses. These electives support students who wish to apply computation in a disciplinary context (such as the student’s major).