A&IR Timeline

June 9, 2022


Spring (February): Process concludes with WSCUC Commission meeting to review Scripps’ reaffirmation visit and sending action letter!

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Spring: SCR TPR steering committee continues to gather student learning and inclusion feedback from campus stakeholders, incorporating Fall (September 7): SCR submits final TPR institutional report to WSCUC Late Fall (November 16-18, 2022): WSCUC external review team visits Scripps and engages with community

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Summer: SCR submits external review team chair reccs Summer – Fall: SCR TPR steering committee starts drafting SCR TPR reaffirmation narrative Summer – Summer 2022: SCR engages in self-study, tracking and documenting key data points Fall: SCR TPR steering committee receives training from WSCUC VP liaison Dr. Barbara Gross Davis. Committee starts engaging with and gathering student learning and inclusion feedback from campus stakeholders

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Spring – Summer: SCR TPR steering committee forms Summer – Fall: SCR TPR steering committee drafts TPR proposal Fall: WSCUC approves SCR TPR proposal with themes drawn from Centennial Strategic Plan: 1) Innovative Learning Organization and 2) Inclusive Student Success

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Fall: WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) invites Scripps College (SCR) to participate in the Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR), a new, still rigorous but streamlined, theme-based approach to reaffirmation of reaccreditation

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