Past Recipients: Volunteer of the Year

Scripps College recognizes and appreciates the importance of the ongoing commitment, dedication, and leadership of its alumnae. The Volunteer of the Year award recognizes an alumna for her commitment, dedication, leadership, and exceptional volunteer service on behalf of Scripps College. This award will be given at Convocation during Reunion Weekend.

Latest Recipient: Maddie Ripley ’14

Maddie graduated from Scripps College in 2014 with a degree in economics and a minor in music. While at Scripps, Maddie worked as a residential advisor (in Toll and Browning) and developed her interest in investment management and business as a leader in the Student Investment Fund and as co-treasurer of Scripps Associated Students.

After graduating from Scripps, Maddie stays connected to the College by interviewing prospective students, serving as a facilitator for the Linda Davis Taylor Financial Literacy Program, and leading the Young Alum Cabinet of the Alum Leadership Council. As a member of the Young Alum Cabinet, Maddie encourages fellow Scripps grads to share their ideas for enhancing the alum experience.

Maddie lives in New York City where she works as a consultant in McKinsey & Company’s Operations Practice. Prior to joining McKinsey, Maddie earned her MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, where she studied supply chain management and manufacturing design. Maddie has also worked in supply chain strategy at Square in San Francisco, product management at Dapper Labs in Vancouver, and investment consulting at Cambridge Associates in San Francisco.

Past Recipients

Year Alumna Position
2019 Alicen Lewis ’15 Creative Strategist at Twitch
2019 Devanie Dóñez ’94 Volunteer Leaders
2018 Brooke Tomblin ’92 Clinical Program Manager, Cigna
2017 Mariaestella Cuara ’89 Ad Hoc Committee member, Camp Scripps Creative Caucus member, Council on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity member
2016 Catherine McIntosh ’76 President of the Scripps Fine Arts Foundation and Member of Board of Directors for the Claremont Museum of Art
2015 Fabiola Ceballos-Durham ’02 Online Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
2014 Marga Rose Hancock ’69 Developer/writer/editor/publisher of biographical and historical studies
2013 Sadie Deeks McFarlane ’77 Creative Caucus member, Camp Scripps
2012 Katherine Madison Cerino ’70 Regional Associates Volunteer Leader
2011 Valerie Thom Read ’57 Community Volunteer
2010 Sue Talbot ’69 Artist/Educator/Volunteer
2009 Evelyn Nelson Senior ’70 Volunteer Leader
2008 Anne Browning McIntosh ’83 City Planner/Volunteer Leader
2006 Diana L. Ho ’71 Volunteer Leader
2005 Merrilee Stewart Howard ’70 Artist/Volunteer Leader