The Rundown on Tiernan Field House

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to take the time to talk about what health and wellness looks like for students on campus. There are a lot of spaces that I miss on campus, one of them being Tiernan Field House. As a Scripps student I have had the opportunity to experience Tiernan from the perspective of a student and an employee. As a second and third year I was hired as a customer service associate that worked the front desk and later hired as a coordinator. Tiernan provides a student-centered approach to promote a variety of fitness, health, and wellness educational programs and workshops. As a space, Tiernan is shared between Claremont McKenna and Mudd because we share a sports team (this means that Scripps student can also access the fitness facilities at CMC and Mudd and vice-versa). However, Tiernan does hold “Scripps-only hours” for its students and staff throughout the week. In addition to having amazing equipment and a beautiful pool (see picture below), Tiernan also has studio space that students can use and holds various workout classes such as Zumba, yoga, and HIIT throughout the semester.


Tiernan also recently added a wellness room for students that serves as space for students to destress. The room is filled with board games, plush chairs, bean bags, napping beds, relaxing waterfall feature, and a massage chair available for visitors. The room is managed by Scripps’ peer health educators who host office hours for students to seek guidance and support as it relates to health and wellness. When on campus peer health educators host events such as Tasty Tuesdays and Destress Thursdays so students can have the time to focus on their mental and emotional health. While we are currently in a remote setting Tiernan continues to engage with students through a weekly newsletter, a podcast series, and Instagram live workouts that students can join from home!