The Peer Education Center

Hi! I’m CJ and I’m a sophomore at Scripps studying neuroscience and dance. I remember the summer before my first semester of college feeling completely overwhelmed by the fact that I’d be taking Chemistry again in just a few short weeks. I took chemistry my sophomore year of high school and quite famously did not enjoy it. There was nothing I dreaded more and I was absolutely terrified I would need to take it again, and at the college level. I didn’t want to fail my first STEM class at Scripps! 

I knew I would need to take advantage of any and all resources offered so that I had the greatest chance of understanding the material and having a successful year in general chemistry. This brings me to the focus of this post: the amazing resources offered by the 5Cs, especially in terms of academic support. 

That first semester, I was introduced to the peer education center at Keck (our shared science department between Scripps, Pitzer, and CMC). Here, there are previous students of general chemistry that helped me with exam questions, homework assignments, and lecture content. Through attending these private tutoring sessions, I was able to ask the questions I didn’t feel comfortable asking in class and learn the study habits that helped the peer educators succeed when they were in my position. 

By the end of my second semester, I was recommended to work as a peer educator the following year! It was a great “full-circle moment” and felt like a recognition for how much I improved in the subject. I’ve worked here this past year and have helped students currently in the course by sharing the study habits that worked for me!