Sydney’s Favorite Spots in the Claremont Village

I’ve been missing Claremont a lot lately and so today I’ve decided to tell you all about my favorite places to go in the Claremont Village. The Village is only about a 10-15 minute walk away from Scripps which makes it a frequent hangout spot for students across the Colleges. The places I’ve listed are just my favorites so I would encourage you to ask other 5C students where they like to go in the Village.

Some Crust Bakery

This is a very popular spot for students to grab some loaves of bread, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and many more baked goods. My friends and I loved the iced sugar cookies. They had different cute shapes and designs depending on the season. Bonus: They have a student discount! All you need to do is show your student ID at checkout.

T & Joy

Another fan favorite, T & Joy is a local boba shop in the Village. As a lover of boba, I was so happy that T & Joy was so close to campus! Would definitely give this place a 10/10 and there are so many flavors of bubble tea to choose from!

Union on Yale

Union on Yale is a really yummy restaurant and it’s great if you just got paid or if you and your friends want to treat yourselves. I went to their brunch during Parent’s Weekend last year and I really liked their avocado toast with egg. Bonus: It has lots of outdoor seating which is great on warm SoCal days.

Rhino Records

Rhino Records was the very first place my friends and I went to in the Village so it holds a special place in my heart. As the name states, it is a record store but it also has some books and other fun trinkets. I like to browse the records and check out the other cool things too.

Bert & Rocky’s

This vintage ice cream shop is another favorite among all the residents of Claremont. It has over 200 flavors so every time you go, you can try a new one! They also have other candies and sweets, all homemade!

21 Choices

If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, you’re in luck! 21 Choices is a very popular frozen yogurt place in the Village. They have lots of fun flavors like Circus Animal Cookie, PB&J and Instagraham!

Blaze Pizza

Right next door to 21 Choices sits Blaze Pizza. Now I know Blaze is a chain but they don’t have any restaurants in my home state so the concept of customizable pizza was so exciting. Bonus: They deliver to the Claremont Colleges and have definitely saved me if I accidentally missed dinner.


DeeLux is a popular thrift store in the Village. I visited at least once a month; I was truly obsessed. I got a cute pair of jeans and my favorite hoops from there but I mostly just go to browse and try on clothes. Their selection changes all the time so no two visits are the same.

Vintage Odyssey

Another secondhand store, Vintage Odyssey is a really cute vintage/antique spot. I got one of my favorite fuzzy jackets and a dress from there. My friends who like upcycling also love to buy their items from there. Bonus: it has an attachment for gardening and I’ve gotten a cute little succulent from there (RIP little buddy 🙁 ).

Claremont Farmers and Artisans Market

Last but not least, the farmers market that happens every Sunday morning is a very common spot for students to check out local goods. There’s fresh produce, art, jewelry, plants, bread and almost anything you would imagine there being at a farmer’s market!


I can’t wait until things become safe enough for students to visit campus because the Village is such a fun place to be. I highly recommend you visit all of these places at least once. If you are a recently admitted student, I hope you have lots of fun exploring the Village next year (fingers crossed!). For prospective students, here’s to hoping you can visit Claremont soon and check these places out! That’s all from me. See you next time!