Siena’s Top 3 Picks in LA

Hey everyone!
One thing that makes Scripps so great is our location- we’re in the suburbs where campus life is vibrant, and near a major metropolitan area! Here are three things I recommend in the Los Angeles area.
1. The LA Pueblo
Just across the street from the Union Station Metrolink stop (about a 50 minute straight-shot from Claremont), the LA Pueblo is a lively exhibition of LA history. While the Pueblo as a tourist spot started in the late 1920s and is an interesting story on its own, the area also has historical monuments and buildings that showcase the Spanish, Mexican, and early American periods of LA. The Mexican marketplace is a big draw, and I especially recommend the America Tropical Interpretive Center. The center commemorates the América Tropical mural painted in 1932 by David Alfaro Siqueiros, which was whitewashed and later accidentally rediscovered. The interpretive center prepares the viewer to see the mural (visible from the roof) and provides a lot of info about the history of LA and the Pueblo.

The Olvera Street marketplace

2. The Honda Center
This is an indoor ice arena in Anaheim, about a 40-minute drive from campus. It is home to the Anaheim Ducks hockey team, but what’s extra cool to me is that it sometimes hosts figure skating shows! Last year I went for the Stars on Ice tour, where Olympic figure skaters performed their routines, fun non-competition dances, and group numbers. You could tell they were really having fun and I loved it too! A very fun time and a pretty easy drive to get there.

A cold ice cream compliments a cold ice rink!

3. Laguna Beach
While a bit further of a trip than the first two items, it’s worth it to make it to Laguna at least once during your time at Scripps! Laguna Beach has, as it says in the name, a bunch of beautiful beaches. You can pick the main one just off of the highway or go a little further and walk down the stairs to a less crowded one. Laguna is also really well known for its art- there are many galleries, fun shops, and some museums. My favorite stop in Laguna Beach is the Orange Inn, which has the best milkshakes and smoothies. Grab one and a sandwich and lounge on the beach to take a break after midterms or on an especially nice day!

The whale says hello!

I hope you get a chance to check out some of these places!
Have fun adventuring,