September 14, 2023: Meet Audrey

Hi everyone! My name is Audrey, and I’m a current third-year from Seattle, Washington. I am majoring in Biology and doing a minor in Data Science. When beginning my college search, I would say that I really didn’t know what I wanted in a school. I ended up applying to a really wide variety of schools but know Scripps has always been the place for me. As someone who is pursuing the pre-med track, I knew I wanted a collaborative, supportive environment. The Scripps environment and community are definitely what led me here. I’ve always felt very supported in my classes and by my peers. Even beyond the Scripps community, there are so many things about Scripps and the consortium that make it unique and such a special place. I enjoy taking walks around the beautiful campus, taking classes at the other colleges, and growing in such a vibrant community. There are so many opportunities to explore. I’ve gotten to take so many cool classes such as Korean at Claremont McKenna, and a poetry class at Pomona. I have met so many wonderful people and had many amazing experiences. I’ve loved being an Admissions Ambassador, and the best part is being able to help your journey in any way possible! Please reach out if you have any questions!

Ask Me About: pursuing the pre-med track, studying STEM, doing research, the Asian American community, best dining halls, taking 5C classes, and the broader Scripps or 5C community!