Spotlight on the Sallie Tiernan Field House

Hi everyone!
Today I’m going to talk about Tiernan Field House, which is our health and wellness center at Scripps. As part of the Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps athletic consortium, we have access to the athletic facilities at Harvey Mudd and CMC, but today I’m going to focus on our Scripps campus facilities! Our field house is a big building on the eastern end of our campus that is open for all Scripps students, no extra charge. It’s a pretty impressive space and offers some pretty impressive resources!

First of all, Tiernan recognizes that wellness isn’t just physical, it’s also mental and emotional. We have a Wellness Room which is a nice, relaxing space. It has a massage chair, they’ll host wellness events there, and no homework is allowed! Tiernan also hosts events like Destress Thursdays, which are fun, casual events on Thursday nights where you can go with a friend or meet friends there and just hang out for half an hour, do something fun and creative, get your brain in a different gear, and relax a bit. I’ve gone to decorate cupcakes, make an air plant terrarium, and they even had progressive muscle relaxation once! Many of the Tiernan events are run by Peer Health Educators, who are student employees that help other students understand and meet their holistic health needs.

Tiernan’s Wellness Room

For physical fitness, there is exercise equipment spread out around the building, including on our outdoor terrace! You can bike while watching the sunset or just enjoy the fresh air while working out. From running to bench pressing, Tiernan has the equipment for students to design their own workouts. There is also studio space, which students can use on their own, or join a group fitness class! There are fitness classes every day of the week. I have found them to be challenging, encouraging classes. It’s fun to work out with a bunch of peers, and afterwards it’s only a short walk back to my dorm!

Another big Tiernan attraction is our pool! Students will use the pool to swim laps and workout, as well as lounge and relax. I perfected a system where I would read a chapter of my book for class, then go into the pool, then repeat for an afternoon. All of our warm weather here in Southern California really helps with pool time!

A pool with swimmers resting on the side. Behind is a two-story building with a columned terrace on each level.
A view of Tiernan from the pool!

I hope that reading this has helped you picture our health and wellness resources through Tiernan Field House!

Until next time,