Rinny says Hello!

Hello everyone! My name is Rinny, and I am a Classics major on the pre-med track from Rochester, Minnesota. I am also hoping to get a minor in theater (if time allows it!). Pre-med can be a very stressful and confusing track to complete, especially at a liberal arts college, so I am more than happy to talk about my pre-med trajectory while majoring in a subject that has no overlapping classes! Other than being an Admissions Ambassador, I am an active member of theater at the 5Cs, having some experience with theater at Pomona college, student-run groups at the 5Cs, senior theses, directing, and playwriting! I am also a board member for Spotlight Musical Theater, which is a student-run musical theater group at the 5Cs and the surrounding community. I am also a member of the 9th Street Hooligans acapella group and the 5CRPG club!

Choosing to go to school at Scripps was not a decision that I made quickly, or even easily. I waited pretty much up until the last moment to make my final decision on what college I was going to. At face value, I did not seem like the typical candidate for Scripps — I am a mostly STEM-oriented student from the midwest. I have never gone to a private school, let alone an all girl’s school. My high school was larger than the population of Scripps. Most people in my life seemed wary of the idea of me at a historically women’s college as well, as a majority of my friends for a lot of my life had been male. 

Even though I had all of these considerations in the back of my mind, I just couldn’t eliminate Scripps from the running as I narrowed down the colleges I was interested in. There were a couple of rational things that brought me back, such as the fact that students graduating from Scripps’ post-baccalaureate program have an incredibly high acceptance rate to med school. On the other hand, I could not find more positive energy and enthusiasm at any other school I was applying to. When I finally was able to visit the campus, I was hooked. Scripps has been an incredible place for me to find my voice as a woman among a community of interesting, impressive, and driven individuals who inspire me every day. The people around me have made my transition to a college where I knew only one person coming in feel comfortable, and make me feel ready and excited to continue to move forward with my life. I am very excited to continue to talk about my experiences at Scripps as the semester continues!

I am excited to continue to share my thoughts on this blog, and stay tuned for my Instagram Office Hours! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at, especially if you’re looking to learn anything more about what I’ve discussed in this post! Goodbye for now!